Dripp Coffee Bar, South Coast Plaza

Abramson Architects takes cues from the café’s well-curated beverage menu, the Dripp Coffee Bar at South Coast Plaza prototype is lovingly handcrafted.

  • area / size 1,300 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • The design intent reflects the owner’s passion for curating the most flavorful products, but also for cultivating a genuine relaxing and inspiring experience that highlights the process. The baristas are on display in the design concept, allowing them to serve up one-of-a-kind beverages in an atmosphere uniquely suited to the handcrafted nature of their creations.

    DrippCoffee Bar celebrates the making of coffee and tea, both literally and figuratively. As such,the entrance is an expression of the origins of coffee itself with an over-sized graphic relief of the coffee plant carved into Corian panels.

    The central u-shaped coffee bar, clad in hand-brushed and patinated copper slats, is key to the new hospitality concept’s success. While the counter showcases artisanal products and freshly-made pastries, the main purpose is to reveal a highly streamlined equipment layout that choreographs the efficient moves of Dripp’s baristas.

    Overhead, two sculptural light features create the illusion of overhead daylight. A variety of casual seating options flank the central coffee bar. The intimate booths and comfortable lounge chairs create a hospitable environment for the enjoyment of drinks, treats, and life.

    A series of side stacking glass panels at the entry introduces a seamless transition between the expansive mall and the intimate café. Greeted by a sense of openness, the carved Corian graphics and large-scale prints of coffee plants remind their guests of the role they play in the farm-to-cup journey.

    The approachable design aesthetic serves up great experiences for each guest and is adaptable for any new franchise location.

    Design: Abramson Architects
    Photography: courtesy of Abramson