Something For Cafe, Yitian Holiday Plaza

MOC DESIGN OFFICE designed a space that opened up possibility by creating an indoor to outdoor flow at the Something For Cafe in the Yitian Holiday Plaza.

  • area / size 1,722 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • The project was commissioned by SOMETHING FOR, a coffee brand founded in Australia. It locates in a semi-inground block in a commercial complex in Shenzhen downtown, the top level of which is a commercial parking access. The indoor ground level is much lower than the outdoor ground level, and the entrance is only 2 meters high. The height of the site and the limitation of light bring make its feel oppressive – the unique spatial form is both a great challenge and a breakthrough of the project.

    Instead of using technical strategies to avoid the site defects, MOC starts with the intention to build a pleasant and stress-free place that allows people to escape from the massive amounts of serious information currently, and breathe freely.

    Given to the site conditions, the inground interior boundary is boldly set back and part of the interior is designed as the public area, in order to create the atmosphere of an “urban courtyard” and provide a friendly outdoor recreational space in the neighborhood. The side railings of the driveway are covered by retractable awnings, providing shelter for the outdoor space while reinforcing the impression of a courtyard.

    Once the perceived spatial planning comes to life, the original site constraints are revitalized, unleashing more possibilities.

    Photography: Nie Xiaocong