Toca Madera Restaurant

Monochrome carefully curated architectural details in each step of the process selecting thoughtful finishes and design elements at the Toca Madera Restaurant Las Vegas.

  • area / size 10,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Toca Madera Las Vegas is the crown jewel and the newest restaurant from Los Angeles based hospitality group, Noble33, known for its unique and evolving lineup of restaurants. This is the third Toca Madera location from Noble 33, each offering a unique and immersive dining experience with distinct design. The highlight of Toca Madera Las Vegas is the signature architecture and design by Noble 33’s inhouse design group, Monochrome – the interior design team behind all five Noble 33 properties.

    Toca Madera Las Vegas features a 220-seat restaurant with a spacious lounge and speakeasy. The modern organic aesthetic incorporates bold architectural elements with warm luxurious finishes of handcrafted custom woodwork, plush velvet upholsteries, intimate and custom designed lighting, and a rich biophilic design all to create a transcending multi-sensory dining experience within 10,000 SF. Highlights include an immersive art piece, The Bird’s Nest, that serves as the restaurant’s grand entry point alluring guests in with an incredible nest-like structure featuring a lush treescape and reflecting pond. Incredible platescapes and tree installations, designed by Timberlost, are found throughout the property.

    Architectural detail like the undulated wood slat ceiling – designed as well for the Scottsdale location — was taken to another level for Las Vegas by accentuating the organic shape and enveloping the entire dining room. A live edge wood tunnel – a design element carried throughout all Toca Madera designs, transports guests into another distinct experience within the restaurant. Curated art is a standout. There are five unique works by fine art photographer Sonny Matson, commissioned for the project. In addition, Toca Madera’s outdoor spaces were designed to create an intriguing moment, luring guests into the space with design elements like fire features, lush deconstructed foliage installs, and the reflection pond.

    Design: Monochrome
    Builder: GCI General Contractors
    Photography: Ryan Forbes