Mumian Chengdu Dong’An Lake Hotel

  • area / size 650,140 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • MUMIAN CHENGDU DONG’AN LAKE is the brand’s first property opened in southwest China. It is built mainly to support the 31st FISU World University Games Summer in Chengdu, but has also become a popular local staycation destination since opening in last year for its strong vacation-like experience. The hotel is located in Longquanyi District, the name of which is inherited from the late Qing Dynasty. Longquanyi was formerly the name of a courier station, and also a geographic name. The courier station was disused in late Qing Dynasty, but the geographic name “Lingquanyi” has been retained.

    Courier station and teahouse, glory of the old days
    CCD drew on the local terrain, architectural languages and culture of Sichuan and Longquanyi as design elements, and incorporated the lifestyle of ancient Chinese courier stations into the hotel, to take the guests to a time travel to experience the glory of the old days.

    After studying and visiting various teahouses, old streets and markets in Chengdu, CCD team decided to adopt a spatial language that brings back the leisurely lifestyle in the past days.

    Traditional local rattan weaving craftsmanship is applied at the lobby, which fuses structural aesthetics with a sense of facade.

    The rattan elements catch the guests’ eye upon entering the space, seeming to tell the tension of the space and the charm of the city.

    The interior adopts rattan screens, partitions, and various forms for daylighting, and meanwhile subtly combines local cultural symbols with spatial lines and functions, to highlight an atmosphere that echoes the teahouse in ancient courier stations.

    The space offers a continuous experience shifting between openness and semi-openness, making it more dynamic.

    Life stage, worldly atmosphere
    Tasting a table of Sichuan dishes, drinking a pot of local wine, watching a Sichuan opera, and playing Mahjong… Life in Chengdu is leisurely and slow-paced.

    The all-day-dining restaurant is a two-storey space. Arranged with scattered seats, 1F serves a variety of food like roast duck, hot pot and buffet breakfast. 2F accommodates private dining rooms, and is available for diversified activities such as gatherings, banquets and business events.

    Bubbling spring, serene life
    The spiral staircase area features large blank surfaces and simple design, showing respect to life. CCD created a natural spatial realm that connects interior with outside and records past and future. The natural wood color and the gray travertine generate a sense of order in the space.

    The fitness area takes design inspiration from the mouth of spring in Longquanyi, to express rhythmic beauty.

    The ceiling of the swimming pool adopts the architectural language of pitched roof, to extend the sight line to outdoors.

    By drawing inspiration from the lights in ancient night markets and utilizing hand-woven lamps, CCD created a simple, elegant and tranquil lighting environment, which conveys the warmth and peace of life.

    The warm wood texture and the natural, artistic lighting ambience add softness and warmth to the space.

    Zen inn, dreamy life
    Inheriting the style of the ancient Longquanyi Courier Station, the guestrooms adopt a warm tone, and apply modern approaches to bring in screens made based on traditional rattan weaving craftsmanship.

    Taking the woven bamboo baskets in the ancient courier station as the design prototype, the pendent lamp beside the bedhead is creative and decorative.

    Design: CCD/Cheng Chung Design
    Photography: Qiu Xin