Chutney Tandoor House Restaurant

MAG studio used warm tones and intricate patterns to welcome diners into a meal that is both historic and contemporary at the Chutney Tandoor House Restaurant in Hong Kong.

  • area / size 2,002 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Brave enough to take “Chutney” as its name, this Indian fine dining restaurant is daring enough to achieve what “authentic Indian cuisine” is all about. Not only for its dishes, the restaurant’s interior design provides a hint from such a modernized version of Indian traditional aesthetics. Taking the warm, cozy turmeric color tone as a lead, the carved-patterned wall together with the curtain and the peacock art piece has created a sense of mythological fascination, bringing the gourmets into the world of Indian delicacies.

    Coherent color tone is used in the dining area, with a touch of peacock blue as a contrasting highlight to spice up the visual impact. The design studio also wisely creates a spacious sense in the dining area by placing the dining tables into a symmetrical setting, and making apt use of arch shapes in booth seat areas. The ceiling also deserves some spotlights for its unique texture with special plastering technique, hinting the interesting pattern of the traditional Indian sauce jar for a consistent theme of the restaurant. Contrasting to the ceiling design, the marvelous mosaics with Indian Jaali pattern on the floor indeed triggers a balancing beauty between roughness and elegance. There are also art pieces inspired by the Indian myths, stories of ancient nobilities and the culture of lust on the walls. When enjoying the meal, the gourmets may as well delve deep into the marvels of Indian cultures as one of the ancient civilizations through the combination of historic arts and contemporary space design.

    Design: MAG studio
    Photography: Steven Ko