Cafe Tesu at DLF Avenue

Design Ethics worked extensively at creating Cafe Tesu at DLF Avenue with the purpose of keeping the spirit of youth and the artisanal ambiance as the main intent of design.

  • area / size 750 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location New Delhi, India,
  • Located inside one of Delhi’s premium malls, this all day café is the 2nd outlet of Café Tesu.

    The brief was to create a space with distinguished identity and to have a reminiscence of the first outlet but having the luxe quotient a notch higher.

    The first challenge was to achieve a sense of enclosure in the otherwise open spatial planning of the mall. It was achieved with the help of interestingly detailed low height running partitions made in stainless steel and fluted glass. The glass has been used in a very interesting way by overlapping different layers in different orientation. It becomes a prominent design feature.

    Lighting also has been made a part of it by doing peripheral floor mounted custom made lamps which further served the purpose of multi-using the railing element.

    The color palette holds mostly of blush and gold, which distinguishes the space from its surrounding. As the space did not really have any walls to play around with, the designers decided to create strong elements in the form of partitions, branding, deli counter, lighting, etc.

    The articulation of singleton use of blush color in the form of paints and fabrics with other materials like fluted glass, stainless steel in gold finish and looking mirror form for a very striking environment to sit and sip coffee in uber luxury.

    Design: Design Ethics
    Design Team: Poulomi Dhar, Jatin Gupta
    Contractor: Om Interiors
    Photography: Ekansh Goel | Studio Rec-all