Flow Yoga & Food

Studio Lime completed Flow Yoga & Food with a connection to nature that is noticeable in many different ways in the form of materials, patterns, color, furniture, food that is mostly nature based.

  • area / size 4,951 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Delft, Netherlands,
  • Concept
    Health for body & mind was the principle of the design for Flow. Release and recharge yourself in a natural environment. A space that reflects nature (biophilic design) provides peace, relaxation and connection. That’s because in nature our blood pressure and stress level drops. As humans we have lived most of our existence in nature, so that is still completely in our system.

    Flow yoga
    We wanted to create a place where you can get out of your head and relax and enjoy in a casual way. By using good acoustic solutions, earthy colors and beautiful, sustainable materials, the yoga studio has become an oasis of peace and balance where you can completely escape the hectic pace of everyday life.

    Flow food
    In the foodbar you can also enjoy everything nature has to offer on your plate, because vegetables are the main protagonists on the menu. And although the interior is slightly more colorful than in the yoga studio, you can still clearly see that it is family. We have used many materials from nature such as wood (fsc), marble, reed and fast-growing bamboo.

    Healthy materials (for people and the environment)
    The basis for both spaces is formed by a Duracem cast floor made of recycled material with a biobased binder. Also in both rooms, but in 2 different colours, an acoustic spray ceiling from Acocell made from recycled paper. For all painted walls, we have opted for durable, mineral paints from Keim. The decorative sheet materials in the kitchen of the yoga studio are from Unilin. The bamboo lamps come from the sustainable lighting brand Good&Mojo. By consciously choosing these types of suppliers, you ensure that an interior not only looks beautiful, but is also healthy and responsible.

    Design: Studio Lime
    Contractor: Houters
    Furniture: Satelliet Meubelen
    Photography: Karin Verhoog Fotografie