Raised by Wolves

BASILE Studio has designed Raised by Wolves, a French Provencal-inspired cocktail bar located in San Diego, California.

  • area / size 4,000 sqft
  • Year 2018
  • Exterior
    French Provencal-inspired ornate molding painted in a deep “Old Mill” color, stained glass entry panels, brass wolf heads, and vintage street lanterns are the highlights of the outside facade, which resembles a shop one might find strolling down the cobblestone streets of old world Europe rather than a suburban mall setting.

    Bottle Shop
    Upon entry, the front retail spirits portion includes marble logo inlays on the floor. Bottle displays with stained oak cabinetry were fashioned in different styles, heights, and dimensions for an eclectic “found” feel. Three different types of custom-cut marble create the flooring for a three-dimensional effect with vintage lighting and antique furnishings scattered throughout. French country murals by Zoe Design are painted by hand on every square inch of wall space.

    Secret Entry
    In an effort to transport the guest to another place and time, Basile created a secret entrance via a stained oak fireplace sitting atop a dual-sided 360-degree rotating platform. In order to enter, guests are led by a hostess to sit upon 1920s-era Victorian spindle chairs before spinning into the hidden bar awaiting on the other side. Basile utilized a car carousel, typically used in showrooms, controlled by an HP motor with control discreetly hidden in a liquor cabinet.

    Hidden Cocktail Bar
    Once entering the bar area, guests are greeted by a massive green Art Nouveau-inspired steel garden gazebo structure encircling the bar with LED RGB lighting behind stained glass paneling. The lights are timed to mimic the outdoor lighting from sunrise to sunset within an hour. In the surrounding parlor, an English library feel showcases cabinetry lined with old books and vintage found goods. Staged vignettes of oversized Victorian settees cater to small groups for an intimate experience. Parquet oak and walnut wood flooring meets porcelain metallic tiles under the 22-foot round African Gold marble bar top with the massive water fountain feature placed squarely in the center. The bar face is comprised of a brass and glass rod installation and is LED back-lit. The “claw and ball” bar stools were imported from London, cast in brass to cover the original aluminum, and covered in a graphic Pierre Frey fabric.

    Furthering the garden feel, in the bathrooms, flagstone slate flooring and alfresco paintings are complemented by a fiber optic ceiling to emulate the celestial night sky.

    Design: BASILE Studio
    Photography: Zack Benson