La Bottega Restaurant & Bar

hcreates interior design was given the job of creating La Bottega Restaurant & Bar to honor the founders deep love of Italian culture and cuisine that they decided to bring as an authentic experience to the city.

  • area / size 2,476 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Hangzhou, China,
  • La Bottega is a new Italian eatery located on the Grand Canal in the old district of Hangzhou. The three founders all grew-up in different parts of Italy – from Florence, Venice and Rome and recently came to back to China to start a new life.

    The site is situated along a narrow leafy street with traditional style Chinese teahouses set amongst other stone buildings. A little lane along the side of the building provides a glimpse of what lies within; the Italian inspired street and exterior patio overlooking the river along the rear.

    Our initial concept took notes from the artisans and bottegas of Italy, and whilst the design had to be authentic and classic the client wanted modern touches and edgy visual elements to bring the space to life.

    Green arched windows line the exterior of the traditional grey brick façade flooding the interior with natural light. The existing wooden pitched roof structure remains exposed to which the designers added more skylights, to create a light and airy atmosphere. Custom timber banquettes with soft upholstery in warm earthy hues are spread amongst the room, creating some flexibility for both small and large groups.. These soft, intimate elements are juxtaposed against the raw existing shell and geometric tiled flooring.. In every element we wanted to evoke the sense of artisanal craft, all the way from the food itself, to the butcher’s block table it sits upon.

    At the end of the space is the feature bar and working pizza area. The black and white tiled counters with marble tops give a nod towards the traditional, referencing the classic history of the food. Shelves lined with wine, Italian produce; and open cabinets, with stacked plates create an organically styled and casual eatery vibe. This eclectic approach to the space was enhanced by th team’s playful and edgy branding. Reflected in the vibrant artworks hanging on the walls in traditional style, this mix of new and old is continued throughout.

    Design: hcreates interior design
    Design Team: Hannah Churchill, Alex Davies, Yicheng Zeng , Yufei Chu, Vicky Liao
    Photography: Brian Chua