Elm Restaurant

Mint & More Creative completed Elm Restaurant with a concept to create a design to make it feel like it’s always been here with warm materials and a welcoming vibe.

  • Year 2022
  • Location Helsinki, Finland,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Mint & More Creative designed the interior for the new restaurant Elm in Helsinki. Elm was founded by the winners of Finland’s Restaurant of the Year 2022, Nolla. Restaurant Elm is located in the Puistokatu 4 -building for ecological science and hope, also designed by Mint & More. The building is an old 19th century villa, located in central Helsinki’s historic Kaivopuisto park. The restaurant has quickly become a popular spot, thanks to its friendly service, great food and uncomplicated atmosphere.

    Mint & More Creative designed the interior together with the restaurateurs, who wanted a timeless yet relaxed atmosphere with a Southern European vibe. Luka seen often behind the bar and his team are talented at creating a friendly and welcoming feeling, and the interior had to reflect that. The space had to suit refined cocktails by the park just as well as a french toast binge on a saturday afternoon, while creating a sense of timelessness.

    The aim of Mint & More was to create sustainable and architecturally fitting design. The interior concept draws its inspiration from the incredible old restored wall panels and ceiling frescoes. The colour palette was thoughtfully put together to compelement the existing elements. Sustainability plays a key role in the design. As the majority of the furniture is salvaged and repaired vintage, it was an engaging challenge for the designers to hunt down the right items and plan their restoration. The other major elements like the bar area and the sofas were custom designed by Mint & More and built by local carpenters with environmentally friendly materials like domestic timber.

    The interior has to not only fit the restaurant’s concept, but also the building’s architecture, whose massive restoration was planned by SARC Architects. The restaurant had to likewise feel like a natural part of the whole building. The old villa was in disrepair, and the renovation was extensive. On one hand, the old architecture complicated and limited the layout by splitting the restaurant spaces into multiple rooms. On the other hand, it adds an atmosphere that is totally unique. Mint & More have love for these type of restoration projects, as they believe with love and care, spaces can be remade to suit the future while paying homage to the past. Of course, it just requires a lot more attention to detail.

    Design: Mint & More Creative
    Photography: Esa Kapila