Brassa Restaurant

MAIA Design Studio were given the job of creating Brassa Restaurant to be a place that functions as a breezy cafe during the day and turns into a buzzing bar at night.

  • area / size 2,200 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Bengaluru, India,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Brassa is a resto-bar located in the garden city of Bangalore. The design is an amalgamation of many mini collaborations with craftsmen, artisans and designers across India.

    Previously a restaurant, the site housed a mezzanine level that dissected the space into two. This was demolished and a stunning vaulted ceiling was created in the center of the expansive volume, and an arched window designed to frame the spectacular views of the city.

    A key feature in the project is the beautifully handcrafted white terracotta tiles, made by the potters of Kumbhar in Kutch. The design team collaborated with Ikai Asai and the artisans to develop these bespoke tiles for the restaurant. The craft is a 300 year old legacy being passed down generation to generation.

    Another collaboration was with Aditi Anuj for the fabric origami installation created above the bar. These fluid sculptures lend a soft magical glow to the space, breaking away from the otherwise clean and geometrical lines. They were hand folded in cloth with a sheet of acrylic to ensure even passage of light. This is thoughtfully paired with other custom lights and chandeliers in the space.

    An overall white and neutral palette, the space is filled with lush giant monsteras and other foliage, that bring in warmth, and is an ode to the garden city. Black and white striped upholstery and cushions cut through the neutral palette giving the space a contemporary and chic vibe. The design is refined and timeless.

    Design: MAIA Design Studio
    Design Team: Shruti Jaipuria, Roshni Ramnane, Poorvi Singh, Kiranpreet Kaur
    Photography: Ishi Sitwala