Crystal Orange Hotel Shanghai

The design of the Crystal Orange Hotel by Vermilion Zhou has been updated to return to simplicity and purity with an inviting atmosphere that still embraces sophistication.

  • Year 2022
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The texture of the crystal comes from purity and transparency. Only under solid light can the crystal reflect the colors of the rainbow, and when polished, it’s dazzling and lustrous.

    “Whiskey,” the theme of Crystal Orange Hotel in Shanghai, draws from that feeling of crystal-clear elegance with a touch of warmth. Imagine being led into an exclusive club by a polished gentleman. As soon as you walk in, soft lights fill up the room and the comfortable surroundings create a soothing ambiance for you to enjoy even after you indulge yourself in the experiences that this hotel has to offer.

    Whether in open or private spaces, a high level of quality is reflected in visible and touchable textures, infusing guests with a positive atmosphere upon entering the hotel. The dazzling starlight of the infinity mirror box seems to wash away the external turmoil, invoking liberation and relaxation between the open and private areas.

    We transformed the original structure into light-filled, refined, yet practical spaces by removing outdated areas.

    Regarding the accommodation experience, our goals were to provide the highest quality and a “good sense” for guests. Lighting plays a vital role in the design of the hotel. It guides the guests into the hotel, gently leading them through the interior, where the transformational powers of different objects and spaces instantly disperse the pressures of a busy life.

    The new Crystal Orange Hotel creates an experience that is luxurious but not extravagant, elegant but not artificial. Through the refraction and dispersion of light, it filters out the noise and the discomfort of travel providing a serene hotel experience. The idea is to provide visitors with a relaxing experience so that when morning comes, they can shine their light once again.

    It is a place of purity and peace, where only the essentials matter. Refined luxury shines through every detail, from carefully selected materials to the tailoring of every space.

    Design: Vermilion Zhou
    Design Team: Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou, Ting Ho, Garvin Hung, Jim Wang, Chen Hu, Jing Yi Xu, Chang Song Li, Bo Liu, Yu Xuan Li
    Photography: Wu Jianquan