Bread + Bola

Bread + Bola is designed by Cadena Concepts to provide guests in both spaces a pleasurable and authentic experience using honest ingredients connecting with its audience through heart and their surroundings.

  • area / size 2,723 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Monterrey, Mexico,
  • BOLA boh-lah
    1. spherical body
    a. ball

    Moved by the constant quest to express ice cream as an experience, BOLA® manifests itself through those simple moments of enjoyment and the true pleasure that only the fascinating flavors and textures of honest ingredients and organic processes can bring to ice cream.

    Connecting with its different audiences through authenticity and lots of heart put into the craft, BOLA® rounds off as a perfect pure bliss booster, able to bring back heartwarming memories as we enjoy our ice cream.

    The philosophy behind BOLA® takes form in Distrito Armida, a shared home with BreAd®, where the spirits of both brands welcome a new realm of experiences. With the feeling of a homely workshop where wit and curiosity for exploring shine on, the origins, honesty and quality of BOLA® roll into a sphere of delight.

    A concept inviting us to create new experiences, to taste new flavors and to share moments of sweetness with our surroundings and our favorite people.

    Let the BOLA roll around!

    Design: Cadena Concepts
    Photography: The Raws