Rainy Winy Bistro

Pronounced Design creates Rainy & Winy Bistro in Regular Park, Chengdu, using bamboo, wood, and art to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with natural textures and materials.

  • area / size 1,399 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • A relaxed and accommodating city, Chengdu’s vitality stems from its cultivation of new businesses. Regular Park, located in the south of the city has been visibly changing, gradually developing into an oasis that blends the urban with the trendy. In this new urban forest, Pronounced Design hopes to create a welcoming living room in the middle of Central Park through their new work, Rainy & Winy Bistro.

    The façade of the restaurant abstractly portrays the rhythmic tranquility of a bamboo forest. The galvanized wall panels not only balance the wild nature of the bamboo theme with a modern touch, but also serve to create the shape of the bamboo joints. Reminiscent of bamboo furniture of the past, the fresh light-green color of the bamboo pillars brings back nostalgic memories for all those who encounter the fresh green façade.

    By extending the storefront outward, the designer bring a new public space to the park; a place where all are welcome and where young and old can gather together to share stories. The window sills and door frames are made from rustic wood, creating a welcoming atmosphere of natural scenery. Looking through the window, the warmth of the seating area are enhanced by the wooden elements and soft lighting. Pronounced Design also customized round footstools that echo the wood of the window sills and door frames, completing the rustic ‘cabin in the woods’ look of the bistro.
    Apart from the pursuit of overall harmony, the owner also carefully selected several iconic designer chairs from a local vintage retailors. The wood from these chairs become more charming with time, resulting in a distinct feel. This mix and match of new and old creates a “living room” atmosphere, offering customers a free choice of personal seating.

    The design of the flooring is unique, with travertine seamlessly spliced with concrete to nicely complement the wooden furniture. The subtle floor patterns outline the invisible movement of the space, silently revealing the rigor of the design.

    Illustrating the owner’s heartfelt travels around the world, artist Long Di created a giant mural, depicting memories of rainy days in New York City, which adds another dimension to the interior space, spicing up the room while offering a connecting bond with the guests. By leveraging the power of art, the designer aims to bring life to the bistro and comfort to the diners.

    In addition to serving Western cuisine, Rainy & Winy also features a drink list with a focus on natural wines. With that in mind, the designers have incorporated natural textures and materials in every detail throughout the restaurant, creating a sense of relaxation, whether you’re a Chengdu local or just traveling through.

    Design: Pronounced Design
    Design Team: Andy Lin, Yi Han, CiCi Wang
    Furniture: Cocon
    Photography: Kelvin Li