Sémola Restaurant

PRAXIS ARQUITECTURA designs a new branch of Sémola Restaurant in Puebla, Mexico, inspired by the essence of the bread artisans, with interconnected three-level space.

  • area / size 2,320 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Puebla, Mexico,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Praxis Arquitectura designs the new branch of Sémola located in Mexico, just a few streets away from “the star” of the city of Puebla, in the Angelopolis area.

    The inspiration for the design of this new branch born from the idea of reflecting the essence of the bread artisans, Sémola. The project proposes an experience from the first approach, transporting you to an atmosphere in which architecture, kitchen and ambiance become a single.

    The architectural program includes three levels where storage, bakery and restaurant are divided and interconnected to the interior with a spiral staircase accompanied by vegetation and lighting. The use of the materials such as poured concrete, parota wood and ornamental ironwork converge and transform the space. Each piece was carefully selected and placed with the purpose of generating harmony and balance in colors and textures.

    The bakery welcomes you with a curved counter that guides you to the display area of freshly baked bread and a concrete bench with elements that add to the comfort of placing your drink while you wait, and on the other side, taking advantage of its corner, folds ad doors inviting anyone who wants to stop for a drink to sit down before continuing their tour.

    Upstairs, the restaurant integrates handcrafted furniture and amber hanging lamps that blend with the texture of the walls, as well as with the organic shaped bar that rises at one end and surrounds a specimen of Copal Blanco, a tree native of the region, providing a sense of movement. The beverage station represents a combination of all textures, with green and wood-toned tiles, and plants that are recharged in a steel element that is supported from the ceiling over a concrete counter with wood highlighted with LED effects.

    Finally, is important to highlight that the plant palette is the result of an exhaustive search and selection by the clients who wanted to place plants different from the usual, with a variety of species, but similar colors.

    Photography: Amy Bello