Glasshouse Kitchen

Glasshouse Kitchen, a new restaurant by Phase Zero Design, was carefully designed to showcase the freshest and sustainably harvested ingredients of Southern American dishes with a global touch, while highlighting the Agriculture Technology campus and providing a visual connection to it.

  • area / size 5,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Opened Summer 2022, Glasshouse Kitchen joins Chris Borreson’s culinary portfolio including Raleigh’s beloved Wye Hill Kitchen + Brewing.

    Designed to provide restaurateur Chris Borreson with a venue that would not only honor, but accentuate, the freshness and overall quality of the cuisine served inside. Situated on a corporate campus with a strong Agricultural Technology presence, Glasshouse Kitchen offers employees and the public an experience that is all too rare.

    Located in the heart of the Research Triangle region, Glasshouse Kitchen balances elegance and familiarity, offering a noteworthy and elevated experience. Natural light pours through windowed walls, offering inside diners a glimpse into the work of some of the most innovative minds and teams in Agriculture Technology. Guests will find an intentionally crafted menu featuring fresh, sustainably harvested ingredients that highlight Southern American favorites with a global flare. Glasshouse Kitchen provides the potential to experience the future of food, today.

    Architects and Interior Designers collaborated to develop a space that is visually striking without overshadowing the brand’s focus on sustainable ingredients, or how they are prepared and presented to its guests. From the moment one enters this space, eyes are drawn to natural elements that work to blend interior and exterior experiences. Vast windows ensure the connection between a guest and their food’s roots is never lost, no matter where one is seated for their meal.

    This unique hospitality venue directly engages with employees on this particular Research Triangle corporate campus while simultaneously building bridges between surrounding communities. Glasshouse Kitchen provides context and insight into the work being completed in and around their neighborhood, increasing support for continued development and innovation in this fertile crescent of Agriculture’s future.

    Be sure to check out Twisted Ladder. The sister to this venue we’re currently working with the team to open on the same campus.

    Design: Phase Zero Design
    Photography: Elisif Brandon | Elisif Photography