Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee’s first flagship store outside of Manhattan in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong highlights local heritage with recycled glass elements, brick façade painted black, and a bookshelf library donated by customers, completed by TRD.

  • area / size 764 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • In a quiet back alley in Seongsu-dong, the trendiest neighborhood of Seoul, Birch Coffee opened its first flag ship store outside of Manhattan.

    Like all other locations in NY, Birch Korea carries the humble tone et manor as a friendly neighbor coffee shop, yet not forget adopting the local heritage.

    Original red brick façade was painted in black which differentiate the store from the rest of building, along with metal checker plate stair, it brings NY vibe.

    To celebrate the space’s history as glass factory, coffee bar counter front is made with various glass panel cuts and counter top is made with recycled chips from beverage glass bottles.

    Floor, wall, and ceiling finishes were ground and treated finely to its original finish. A book shelf (Library) is a feature item for all Birch Coffee locations. All books are donated and can be taken or borrowed by customers any time.

    Along with the library, bar counters at window provides seating to enjoy outside view, factory and birch wood garden mix, creates calm scenery.

    During day time, the space is filled with tons of sun lights and it gives dramatic atmosphere change to space as time goes.

    For bigger group, the 2nd floor provides more seating options with flexible table setting. Local young artists’ chalk drawing wall sets unique mood in the space.

    Design: TRD
    Photography: Donggyu Kim