The Joye & Sam Lifestyle Market

Joye & Sam Lifestyle Market in Shanghai is a unique, immersive experience that combines food, art, and a pool theme, designed by Tales Creative for a retail and fine-dining commercial experience.

  • area / size 21,528 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • The Joye & Sam Lifestyle Market is located in the French Concession district of Shanghai, surrounded by a century worth of cultural heritage and atmosphere. Known as the Champs-Elysées of the East, the area is the city’s cultural hotspot, and is the home of various landmark institutions such as the Shanghai Library, the Shanghai Symphony Hall and the Shanghai Theatre Arts Center.

    Level 1: Neighborhood Market – A Culinary Celebration
    The first floor design of the lifestyle market focuses on retail, and connecting the arts and lifestyle through the medium of food; In which, creating the world’s first “Food Renaissance” integrated commercial experience. This isn’t just a “culinary carnival”, but also a tribute to the true value of food: a warm touch that brings people together; It’s a place of joy, soothing, and draws back to the cultures of a marketplace community.

    Level B1: The Art of Food – An Immersive Experience
    The basement floor of the Joye & Sam Lifestyle Market is predominantly focused on wine and fine-dining. Combining an expressive lighting scheme with a contemporary aesthetic, the gastronomy is put on display in an atmosphere reminiscent of an upscale wine cellar. It provides a striking setting for an unique experience. Different areas connect and intersect, forming a spatial collage which interweaves various tastes and themes together.

    The designer has integrated an elegant swimming pool theme into the space, recalling the romanticism of the historical French Concession era and upscaling it for the Lifestyle Market’s experience. Here, they can enjoy various chic drinks and hearty meal by the poolside.

    Design: Tales Creative
    Design Team: Lingli Gao, Rick Chuang
    Photography: Studio SZ | Justin Szeremeta