Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort

GS Design focuses on incorporating the building with the surroundings; Miyue Blue & White Cliffside Resort in Shenzhen showcases this through multi-dimensional window-opening and pure white-blue color scheme.

  • area / size 30,139 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Shenzhen, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The practice of GS Design continues to focus on “Spatial experience”, with the designer redefining the expression of “Elegant Vacation” by combining the building with the surrounding environment and the brand’s value proposition, unlock the relationship between rational space and perceptual experience behavior. Through color, light, display, installation, art and other media to examine the perception of people in space, to explore the subject matter, time, body and space, to reproduce the core of “Sharing economy”

    Located in Nan’ao Subdistrict, Shenzhen, the Blue and White Island Pool Homestay is another resort created by the joint creativity of Miyue and GS Design. At the same time of the main elegant holiday, around the relationship between architecture and the good life. Miyue continues to explore the architectural space and vacation experience of innovation, the formation of a pioneering model of urban vacation.

    Distinguish the characteristics of other homestay, the design of the overall function of the full thought. The main body of the building starts with the visual thinking, multi-dimensional window-opening way, made the natural landscape became part of the interior. The material selection of the public dining area based on natural bamboo and wood. The black bamboo bar adds a sedate and mysterious foreign tone.

    “Elegant Vacation” is the core idea of this space design. The whole building takes pure white as the basic tone, combined with blue sea and sky, expressed the relaxation of the exotic vacation, as if people immersed in nature, this is also the goodwill to travelers that designer and the branding try to convey

    In the spatial planning of this project, the designer planned 25 different rooms, and set up an independent starting and stopping space for each building, realized the subtle change of “One room, one view”, take the design as the brand value maximization creation possibility, has made the sufficient ponder for the brand follow-up operation and the repurchase.

    The different rooms connect a brand-new perspective of urban vacationing, constantly showing the extension of the design to the body and spirit, through the natural condensation of the growing urban vacationing culture, pulling away from the mundane trivialities, about joys in life. This is the most authentic feedback on life, but also the common sense of branding and the designer to delivered philosophy of life and contemporary thinking.

    Design: GS Design
    Design Team: Li Liangchao, Huang Yuanman, Feng Yu, Fu Qixin, Xu Zuohua, Zheng Yong, Zhong Zhige
    Photography: Aoxiang