Southall Farm & Inn

Southall is an eco-friendly luxury resort and spa in Tennessee that emphasizes traditional Southern hospitality and farm-inspired design in its 62 rooms, 16 cottages, and spa, with aesthetics designed by Indidesign and architecture by 906 Studio.

  • area / size 15,246,000 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Type Hotel,
  • Nestled on over 325 acres of lush and rolling hills in Middle Tennessee, Southall is above all an ecologically-minded working farm. The property encapsulates the evolution of traditional Southern hospitality—as a luxury resort and spa, and offers guests opportunities for outdoor education, adventure, and wellness activities, as well as an immersive culinary experience. Interiors were designed exclusively by Indidesign, who was also involved in crafting the architectural image of Southall by setting the aesthetic parameters and material palette for the key buildings. Southall boasts 62 rooms and suites, 16 individual cottages, a spa rooted in the healing power of nature and natural elements; three dining experiences—Mary Amelia, Sojourner, and The Rambling; a 4,000 square-foot flexible indoor space, Orchard Event Center; an on-site preservation kitchen, The Jammery; a natural amphitheater hilltop lookout; and a boutique, The Emma.

    The hotel embraces traditions but moves away from stereotypes. The local vernacular is the foundation of the language created. Organic references and direct relation to the farm and landscape are woven into a modern, yet playful design that is complex, but edited at the same time. The farm influenced every aspect of Indidesign’s decision-making process. Everything from organic textures paired with bespoke finishes and the color scheme to the design of bespoke textiles featuring local flora and fauna. The hotel is a very visual and tactile experience.

    When designing the Inn, Indidesign never lost sight of the fact that they were fixed on a farm in Middle Tennessee. The unspoiled natural beauty of the surrounding landscape isn’t only outdoors, it’s reflected inside as well. Guests can choose between two types of guest rooms, Polk Rooms and Cumberland Rooms; two suites, Caney Fork Suites, and the Tennessee Suite; and the Hillside Cottages and Arbor Cottages. The aesthetic of the Inn is designed with a very strong graphic impact in mind, and it relies mostly on a high-contrast juxtaposition of colors and bold elements.

    Taking on a more eclectic aesthetic, the Tennessee Suite pays homage to the irreverence and creative freedom of the music scene. It is moody and layered, with endless moments of surprise, and a lot of personalities. It features a collection of bespoke pieces, mixed with authentic vintage pieces that were acquired over a year. The Hillside Cottages are separate buildings strategically located throughout the property in a dominant position that delivers breathtaking views of the farm without compromising privacy. The result is a highly-curated space with editorial quality. The Arbor Cottages, on the other hand, are perched up on the taller cliffs, deliver breathtaking views, and include a personal interpretation of what a retreat in Middle Tennessee should be.

    The Spa will set new standards for spas in the region and beyond. This is the most restrained and edited space of the entire project. The experience was designed as a progression of serene spaces that become gradually more private as you move through the Spa. The architecturally-influenced design relies on the juxtapositions of vertical and horizontal surfaces with subtle, organic textures.

    There will be three different dining options on the property, Mary Amelia, Sojourner, and The Rambling. The signature restaurant, Mary Amelia, was conceived as a large light-filled space with a tall vaulted ceiling, sort of a “cathedral,” with an easy formality and lightness to it. Guests should feel a sense of intimacy but also be wowed and surprised by the large breadth of the space.

    Design: Indidesign
    Architecture: 906 Studio
    Photography: Taggart Sorensen