Idyllic Moment Farm

Greentown’s Idyllic Moment Farm project is a shared resort that integrates vacation, leisure, and local art with an emphasis on family orientated activities, designed by More Design Office.

  • area / size 6,458 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Chengdu, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Greentown’s Idyllic Moment Farm project aims to implement the strategy of rural revitalization. The overall positioning takes the local Linpan culture in western Sichuan as the main inspiration, and creates a shared resort integrating vacation, leisure, and local art with an emphasis on family orientated activities. B&B spaces available for short-term rental, the whole farm can be used hold events.

    Idyllic Moment Farm is a lifestyle out of the typical city environment, which engages all the senses, situated in Chengdu, a city known for enjoying leisure and relaxation.

    The experience of Idyl Moment Farm starts from the moment of arrival – walking through the lush meadow with crops and grasses on both sides of the winding pathway. MDO wanted to create a stimulating interplay between landscapes, interiors, materials, local cultures and arts that encourages guests to return to the rustic and poetic life.

    To connect interior and landscape, MDO used materials which would flow from outside to inside, as you open the glass entrance door, the journey flows continuously.

    A cluster of sunflowers greats visitors at the main entrance. The door frame frames the external scenery into the house as if it is modern art.

    The sofa is placed directly facing the outdoor garden and presents a natural view of the external scenery in the room. Visitors can sprawl at ease across the sofa and feel how the seasons turn.

    Curved corners, standing seam roofs, and single-story gables with equal distance give tranquil idyllic charm, encouraging visitors to wander in the pleasure and pure space with the most everyday simplicity.

    The gable-shaped interior roofs originate from traditional architectural elements. The simplicity and continuity of wood grain further blur the boundary between nature and shelter, enabling visitors to moderately perceive the integrity of space.

    The impression of the open house is light and lush as you walk past an open relaxation space with a grounding table and bespoke artworks infused with organic forms.

    The shelf resembles the essence of our design thinking – to create minimalist designs that is defined by the use of natural materials and honest constructions.

    Design that stands out and blends in at the same time. Soft and minimal.

    It is evident how the space dwells on the interplay between nature and culture, capturing the spirit and culture of Chengdu the unique mahjong and tea.

    As the evening moves on and the color-scheme of nature turns even more vibrant, the colors of the selected materials within the space seems to change with it.

    Design: More Design Office
    Photography: Boris Shiu