John Martins Restaurant

John Martins Restaurant in South Florida has re-imagined the original design cues to create an unconventional yet purposeful design that evokes the love of the past and lust of the future completed by Bigtime Design.

  • area / size 6,500 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Type Restaurant,
  • When a venue is more than the names, they are the real life men who brought their Irish magic to South Florida and their unique vision for hospitality.

    A four decade hospitality experience steeped in all things Irish. Credited as the original, (OG) Irish concept in Miami, this concept has been charged with how a legend was made. In doing so, meticulous attention was paid, and where available original millwork, and interior details have been craftly repurposed to create something distinctly original yet somehow familiar. To create an unconventional yet purposeful design that evokes the love of the past and lust of the future is the foundation of such a bold re-imagining and a key of experiential design.

    The design speaks to the historic roots of the heritage while we connect with the future of tastemakers and merry makers; for foodies and laymen alike; the quintessential Irish Pub/Restaurant for today and beyond.

    To achieve this, attention was paid to many of the original design cues that defined the space. The snugs which are a trademark of an Irish Pub/restaurant were maintained, but the darkness and gothic detailing was replaced with more organic, lighter and whimsical styling. Tone on tone, tobacco hues combined with blackened forged steel and brick were combined with delicate graphic patterns of white, green and orange mosaic tile for the flooring. The original forty year old bar was preserved and amended to bring light and warmth to an otherwise dark space while the addition of a massive 12 foot by 5 foot industrial skylight to create a true garden experience, with a wall peppered with green moss and ivy typically only found in contemporary spaces in Ireland. The addition of green was achieved using the interior landscaping. A combination of original woodwork presented in a light and contemporary washed woods mixed with graphic traditional tile patterns and light marble.

    The dried brown moss is in the shape of Ireland with pops of Kelly green. Oversized drawers were designed into the dramatic wood and steel back bar and furnishings from true to the era were repurposed and re-imagined to punctuate the design heritage that was a nod to the past. Attention to detail and combining what was, and what will be led us to create a more open floor plan while maintaining the spaces original intimacy. In the main dining room, light and semi transparent snugs are nestled under a distinctly energetic and youthful barrel vault, inspired by the casks that once housed the mash to create Irish Whisky. Blackened steel, greenery, detailed millwork and subtle graphic cues, keep the casual yet contemporary spirit. The front of the space is now an indoor/outdoor garden created to house the mammoth skylight and massive glass doors that open to Miracle Mile punctuating a true indoor/outdoor experience. Flooded with light and a sense of airiness a moss covered brick wall is bordered by contemporary portraits of John and Martin, keeping a watchful and approving eye over this decidedly unique concept.

    Design: Bigtime Design
    Architect: EAVBTD LLC
    Contractor: MV Real Estate Holdings
    Photography: Craig Denis