CUT 132 Steakhouse

CUT 132 steakhouse, located in Columbus, Ohio’s Easton Town Center development, has a modern and sophisticated design by Moody Nolan, showcasing a fusion of food and architecture that offers an unforgettable dining experience.

  • area / size 7,500 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Type Restaurant,
  • CUT 132 is a steakhouse located on a prominent corner in Columbus, Ohio’s new Easton Town Center development. Designed by award-winning architecture firm Moody Nolan, CUT 132 modernizes the traditional, dark and formal steakhouse atmosphere by skillfully combining food and architecture – both rooted in the senses – to create a contemporary, unforgettable dining experience. Located inside the Aloft Hotel, the 7,500-square-foot restaurant seats 252, providing a casual yet lively space for patrons to enjoy inventive cocktails, shareable dishes, and clever takes on steakhouse classics.

    The moniker CUT 132 is derived from the temperature needed for a perfectly cooked steak––132 degrees Fahrenheit. Moody Nolan approached the project with this concept in mind, designing a space that elegantly supports the enjoyment of its full menu against a sensual backdrop. The interior redefines the notion of a steakhouse with an avant-garde approach, while still incorporating familiar elements to establish a sense of place. The juxtaposition of materials, colors, and textures used throughout the design reinforce CUT 132’s sophisticated atmosphere and ties back to the curated menu rooted in a similar concept. Perfect for any occasion, CUT 132 features the ideal aesthetic to host a birthday dinner, enjoy a date night, or have a business meeting.

    Upon arrival at CUT 132, guests are greeted by a lively exterior patio with 70 seats, allowing the excitement and anticipation of the interior to draw patrons in further. The metal and concrete touches on the patio span the restaurant’s exterior, seamlessly flowing into the building’s industrial exterior facade. Expansive windows create two indoor-outdoor bars on the patio featuring a fire pit, adding a biophilic element to the restaurant’s design. Once inside, patrons are immediately immersed into the refined space, from the large windows lining the walls to the deep, rich color palette throughout. The simultaneous use of complementing and contrasting materials and colors, like vibrant yellows paired with creamy leather, instills elegance into the space while maintaining a fresh and inviting ambiance. Guests have the option of sitting in The Bar Room, the adjacent lounge, or at the vibrant 24-seat marble-top bar––all of which have options for walk-in seating. Additionally, CUT 132 offers two private rooms that seat 10 each, or one room that can seat 20 comfortably –– providing an intimate setting to host any occasion.

    The environment performs a careful balancing act throughout the entirety of the restaurant –– composing visual intrigue with a contrast of traditional and contemporary, dark and light, and industrial and natural. The dining room features rich and supple upholsteries combined with dark and crisp color combinations, while bright gold accents add unexpected hints of the traditional opulence. Strong patterns throughout the carpet and tile establish an eclectic spatial quality. Above, the dark ceiling plane showcases the expressive nature of the decorative lighting: a specially-branded hanging motif that is designed to abstractly resemble a steak chop, creating a bold spectacle overhead.

    CUT 132 positively contributes to the development of the up-and-coming Easton neighborhood in Columbus, an area that’s becoming increasingly defined given the concentration of high-end dining and retail stores. With unique offerings such as the Cowboy Luge, halved slices of bone marrow used to funnel Maker’s Mark whiskey into diners’ mouths, CUT 132 brings a new sense of character and flair to the development. The community is diversifying and increasing housing offerings, thus attracting more young and sophisticated residents. Overall, Moody Nolan’s design pioneers a new era of the contemporary steakhouse, combining a traditional experience with a specialized sense of place –– reflecting a culinary experience unlike any other restaurant in Central Ohio.

    Design: Moody Nolan
    Photography: Sam Brown