The Hawk & Aster Cafe

MAG studio used the blooming flower as the main design element at The Hawk & Aster Cafe, using flowing arc lines to create a canopy, circular shapes for seating, and recycled glass for decoration, while preserving the overall characteristics of the shopping mall.

  • area / size 1,100 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Based on the brand culture and inspired by the “Aster” in the brand, designers visualized an aster in the space design, using the blooming flower as the design element of the space, which not only reflected in the design of the canopy but also in the spatial details. Then, reinterpreted the relationship between the brand and the shopping mall, breaking the space limitation and constructing a restaurant that could satisfy all-day dining needs.The site is located in the atrium of Pacific Place. It’s a challenge to create a remarkable restaurant without destroying the overall characteristics of the shopping mall. On one hand, designers need to consider how to build a cozy place in a limited space to meet different dining needs in different periods. On the other hand, the designer also had to think about the problem of the absence of the ceiling. Designers used flowing arc lines to construct a canopy to address the lack of a ceiling and employed circle shapes to create an open banquet bench and semi-private group seating, forming a pleasant dining atmosphere. Related to sustainable development, applying recycled glass as raw material in floor terrazzo and the wall mosaic imitates the veins of leaves. In the end, the space appears to grow within the shopping mall and blend in with it.

    Design: MAG studio
    Photography: Steven Ko