SHAKE Bar by hcreates interior design is a popular live-music bar in Shanghai, that underwent a design revamp while retaining its soul with a layout that optimized for a larger kitchen and raised stage.

  • area / size 2,691 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Shanghai, China,
  • A well-loved shanghai institution, Shake first appeared on the scene in 2016. This casual and high-energy, live-music bar was ready for a revamp. Key to the project was to retain the soul of the place that was so familiar to its loyal customers. The concept remained true to its roots and continued to develop around the idea of the Supper Club, a space that was inspired by the music itself and paid homage to the vinyl era.

    Hoping to create a venue that could extend its food offering and create a more defined area for the musicians, the layout was optimized to include a bigger kitchen and a raised stage area. As a venue that transitions from dinner to cocktails to dancing, the seating arrangements needed to consider comfort for both dining and lounge.

    The layout was enhanced to increase seating with more VIP booths, allowing for both dining and easy live music viewing. Curving velvet banquettes replaced the high tables, wrapping the walls to create intimate group seating. The existing red bricks were painted black, with dark plastered walls softly lit, creating a textured backdrop for the deep red and orange banquettes and seating. Timber veneers and marbles in retro tones, hark back to the supper club era, creating warmth and nostalgia. Lighting played on the disk shape of records and speaker diaphragms, with brass elements referencing the glitz and glamour of the stage.

    The focus of the space, the stage, was designed to accentuate the musicians and the music. A large, acoustic designed logo forms the backdrop in maroon and magenta hues, bathed in Shake’s signature purple light.

    Design: hcreates interior design
    Design Team: Hannah Churchill, Florencia Gutierrez, Yufei Chu
    Contractor: Shanghai Zekang Construction Engineering
    Photography: Graeme Kennedy, Katherine Gu