Hotel Lumberjack

The design of Hotel Lumberjack in Sonora focuses on a modern lumberjack concept, with minimalist sketches of nature on the walls and a simple and functional interior featuring wood and natural colors, by balbek bureau.

  • area / size 12,055 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Type Hotel,
  • The 34-room Hotel Lumberjack is located in Sonora, California. The interior redesign was part of a rebranding strategy aimed to turn the former motel into an attractive location for tourists.

    The region of Sierra Nevada is famous for its lumber companies. Given this, the design for the renovated hotel was centered around the concept of a modern lumberjack. Hotel Lumberjack is like the home of the proverbial lumberjack, while the guests of the hotel are his guests. On the walls of each room, you can spot ‘notes’ from the owner – minimalist sketches of mountains, trees, and lakes. This is a cozy place that encourages you to slow down and enjoy all that Sonora has to offer.

    The hotel is located in a two-story building, built with a classic motel configuration. The rooms have a classic layout: a bed, a niche with a workplace where you can comfortably work on a laptop, and a bathroom with sliding barn doors.

    The design of Lumberjack is simple and functional. There is a lot of wood in the interior, and the colors (white, green, gray and other natural shades) are in harmony with the landscapes of Sonora. The bathrooms are decorated with elements inspired by local forest animals like deers and bears.

    The Ukrainian company Cassone was responsible for the production of all cabinet furniture for the project. Together with our partners, we developed a modular system that made it easy to transport parts from Ukraine and easily assemble them on-site.

    In addition to the hotel’s design project, we proposed a concept for the outdoor areas of Lumberjack, providing comfortable outdoor seating areas with benches and tables, separated from the road by greenery.

    Design: balbek bureau
    Design Team: Slava Balbek, Alyona Tryhub, Liuba Myronchuk, Andrew Taran, Sofiia Hupalovska, Oksana Huz
    Project Managers: Natasha Kozak, Borys Dorogov
    Photography: Andrey Bezuglov