Cheese Bakery

Cheese Bakery is a cafe in Lviv, designed by balbek bureau to fit into an old factory building with a loft aesthetic, featuring original brick walls and a mix of vintage and upholstered furniture.

  • area / size 2,100 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Lviv, Ukraine,
  • Cheese Bakery is a pastry shop and cafe in Lviv, located in KIVSH – a creative coworking space in a revitalized industrial area. It was created on the site of former artillery barracks, with the very first buildings on this territory erected at the end of the 19th century.

    The general loft aesthetic of the renovated space became the basis for the cafe’s design. Our task was to harmoniously fit Cheese Bakery into the architecture of the old factory building and complement the interior with new design elements only where appropriate. Our team created a cozy interior within the walls of a former industrial building and matched the cafe with the style of a large creative space. The original bricks from various Lviv brickmakers were still intact, so we used them as one of the key features of the interior.

    Given the limited space, it was important to offer guests different seating options. To the right of the transit area, which leads to the bar with a dessert display, we have placed a long counter that separates the flow of visitors. To the left of the entrance is a soft seating area that serves as a focal point, centered behind two windows. Upholstered furniture was purchased at vintage auctions.

    One of the main features of the space is the elongated communal table – this format is in demand among Lviv residents. At the client’s request, the kitchen is partially open, so visitors can get a glimpse of how the pastry shop prepares its produce. A small children’s area was completed with a pink shelf for toys and books and a soft pouf.

    We decided to add warm and tactile materials to the areas which the guests of the cafe would interact directly with. An accent was made on wood and textiles. In contrast to the original brick walls, we decided to decorate the space with long curtains, which, when closed, completely cover up most of the walls and windows in the room.

    The lighting in the establishment is diffused and subdued, with lamps above the communal table and at the self-service counter.

    Design: balbek bureau
    Design Team: Slava Balbek, Anna Kruglova, Olena Kruglova, Victoriia Savchenko, Sasha Martyniuk
    Project Manager: Kateryna Karelshtein, Nadiia Martynova
    Photography: Andrey Bezuglov