DuSai Resort & Spa

DuSai Resort & Spa is the first destination hotel of its kind in Bangladesh, a resort designed by VITTI Sthapati Brindo to welcome guests with the brilliant nature of Sreemangal.

Harbored in serene green hillocks of the tea plantation area in northeast Bangladesh, Moulvi Bazar, Dusai Resort & Spa is the first of its kind destination resort in the country.

The complex exudes the essence of a traditional village with its formation along the slope of the hills. Existing trees shape out the setting of the cottages, so that the surrounding nature and contour site remain untouched. The resort showcases a hybrid construction system of traditional tea estate bungalows and standardized concrete construction. The structures sit on slender concrete frames anchored to ground raising the structure above ground. A mixed truss system of wood and metal makes roof framing with soft thatch cover. Local technology and materials with local workmanship have been extensively used here.

The program includes a residential complex, dining, a swimming pool, a spa, a conference room and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities. The residential complex is comprised of a main hotel block and individual cottages. Cottages for families are arranged in an array around the courtyard in a semi-private setting and cozy deluxe cottages for couples are arranged in flocks in a more private setting.

The linear site imparts an impression of a labyrinth, sequencing a procession from the reception area to cottages. After the arrival at the resort, guests start their journey by walking along the curved path through the hills to reach their destination allowing them to relish the natural setting. The internal roads and walkways are placed in a labyrinth loop encompassing the complex allowing to travel the whole area in circular motions. Programs in the linear site are distributed into public, semi-private and private zones in a consecutive manner. The public zone of the reception sits at the beginning that leads to a semi private zone with the main hotel and cottages for families along with recreational amenities, such as the sports area and the swimming pool. Following the dining, with golf court view, leads to the spa facilities and towards the private zone consisting of exclusive guest cottages at the end of the complex. Service amenities blend the semi private and private zones and are blend into the surrounding.

The aesthetics of the resort endeavours toward prioritizing nature over built structures. Rooms with large opening apertures towers nature invites the greeneries to step inside and let guests enjoy the spectacular and uninterrupted view of surrounding from their dwellings. Nature is not lost in its extravagance but nurtured.

DesignVITTI Sthapati Brindo
Photography: Ahsanul Haque Rubel, Hasan Saifuddin Chandan, Digita Interactive Limited