Spa at PGA National Resort

The newly renovated Spa at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens features a design inspired by the tropical locale, with soft white and washed wood tones, champagne highlights, and blushy coral accents by V Starr.

  • area / size 40,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Type Hotel,
  • An oasis within its tropical surroundings, the newly renovated Spa at PGA National Resort tells a softly spoken story of breeze swept sands, pale coral textures and lush shadowy palms . Drawing direct inspiration from the locale of Palm Beach Gardens, the refreshed palette notes color tones of soft whites and washed woods, alongside champagne highlights and the subtle accents of blushy corals and palm prints.

    Soft white sand-effect floor tile underfoot is reminiscent of the city’s beaches. As you move into the retail area, a custom pink palm tree feature wall, transitions guests into the spa spaces, where they are instantly decompressed with a custom champagne gold ceiling that nods to sunlight as it glimmers through tree canopies. Fresh treatment rooms that blur the lines of where the walls stop and the ceiling begins, easing you into relaxation.

    A new co-ed lounge is adorned with large blush stone slabs imported from Turkey, acting as a grounding element that ties elements of the space. Striking a balance between hard and soft interiors, the hair and nail salon are accompanied by a new Barbershop which embodies its distinctive personality with a darker scheme and monochromatic backdrop. Anchored by six championship golf courses, the mural in the barbershop tells the story of vintage golf days gone by – a nod to the legacy of PGA’s renowned golf courses.

    Design: V Starr
    Photography: Will Pryce