Kali Mexican Coffee Roasters

Concentrico designed the Kali Coffee Roasters project with a focus on incorporating the San Pedro Garza García community’s traditional materials and ways of life, creating a unique and warm ambiance for customers to interact with the staff.

Concentrico proudly introduces its comfortable environment for the workers of Kali Coffee Roasters®, a Mexican company established by cafetaleros (coffee producers). With over 30 years of experience in growing high-quality coffee in rural areas around Chiapas, Mexico, this premium coffee will enrich cups around the world. Kali, which means home in the native language of Nahuatl, embodies the company’s philosophy and beliefs. The culture’s agricultural richness and values have passed down through generations. Accordingly, the Kali Coffee Roasters® family ensures that every member of its group is well taken care of by providing living, health. and education programs.

When analyzing the context and the living conditions of the community, Concentrico stumbled upon their homes which are constructed with wood and dirt walls, with handmade clay tiles on the ceiling to protect against rain. Using the clay tiles as part of the interior design on the walls not only conveys their ways of life, but also offers a unique and warm texture that will function as an ambiance trademark for the brand. Needless to say, this clay-piece arrangement and lattice have a very powerful visual impact, and their curvature and material properties absorb and deflect sound waves to help with acoustics. When the light is set against the texture, it acquires depth, and its curved shadows resemble coffee beans that connect the space to the product.

The coffee bar is intentionally positioned where every client can see it, forming the heart of the project. The open and industrial-like design promotes interactions between the customers and the staff, providing the baristas with the perfect stage to display their talents.

Time is of the essence, and thus played a very significant role in the concept, portrayed by the walnut wood used at the base of the bar and booths. Its grain resembles the ground layers that document the passing of time, reminding us of how long it takes to prepare a land to harvest. The rigorous time for planting, growing, picking, selecting, pulping the cherries, fermenting, drying, sorting, milling, grading, cupping, distributing, roasting, packaging, grinding, brewing, and ultimately serving the perfect cup of coffee.

All of this is done sustainably by Finca La Fortaleza, where the coffee being harvested is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which promotes biodiversity and natural resource conservation, effective planting and farm management systems, and improving the livelihood and well-being of every member of the community.

In homage to this detailed and impeccable process, all furniture and light fixtures were custom-designed in collaboration with Ok Design Studio. This was done through a meticulous process of observing the materials, textiles, and local designs, and then reinterpreting them into unique pieces.

Design: Concentrico
Design Team: Alejandro Peña Villarreal, Chiara Bartolacelli, José María Cuevas, Andrea Verastegui
Furniture: Ok Design
Photography: Jose Miguel Gonzalez | Apertura Arquitectonica