AutoCamp Zion

AutoCamp selected Narrative Design Studio and HKS to seamlessly marry luxurious interiors with the stunning landscape of Zion while incorporating mid-century modern architecture.

AutoCamp, a leader in outdoor hospitality, selected award-winning interior designer Shannon Niehenke of Narrative Design Studio to create extraordinary designs for its Joshua Tree and Zion locations.

Collaborating with global design firm HKS, Niehenke created an oasis of elegance for each property by seamlessly marrying luxurious interiors with the surrounding natural beauty of the landscape.

AutoCamp Zion showcases a commitment to design excellence and environmental stewardship. The Clubhouse design by HKS embodies mid-century modern architecture fused with elements inspired by the desert landscape. With its clean lines and natural materials, such as wood and stone, the Clubhouse seamlessly integrates into the scenic Utah landscape, providing expansive glass views for guests to savor the surrounding natural beauty.

Narrative Design Studio’s color palette for the Clubhouse was inspired by the red rocks of Southern Utah. The interiors emphasize earthy plaster, bronze tones, and warm wood, offering a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. Sustainable materials, like cork adorn walls and furniture, further contribute to the tactile and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Design: Narrative Design Studio and HKS
Photography: Matt Kisiday