Filli Cafe Al Heera Beach

The design of Filli Cafe at Al Heera Beach is a stunning combination of minimalistic elegance and a warm, inviting atmosphere, with elements such as smooth stucco plaster, concrete floors, and wood accents, designed by Plural Architecture and Design.

  • area / size 600 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • The entire fit-out of Filli Cafe at Al Heera Beach was masterfully executed by I2D Interior Décor LLC, while Plural Architecture and Design contributed their innovative design expertise. Together, they’ve created a space that perfectly balances minimalistic elegance with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The design concept aimed to provide an open and welcoming environment for patrons to enjoy their favourite tea. The material palette, featuring smooth stucco plaster, provides a seamless backdrop for concrete floors and wood accents, complemented by carefully chosen art pieces. Notably, the central island and counter, pivotal to the café’s activity, combine light wood elements with glossy white top trims, striking a harmonious balance between warmth and pristine clarity. The integrated seating, graced with turquoise leather cushions, offers a comfortable space for patrons.

    A standout feature is the hyper-realistic tree at the centre, symbolizing the café’s coastal location, mirroring the fusion of sea and sun-kissed sands. The ceiling design, with its false ceiling gently enveloping the periphery while leaving the central portion open, adds to the café’s aesthetic finesse. All mechanical systems have been seamlessly integrated into the periphery in an elegant, smooth curve, reflecting the unique floor plan of the store. Filli Cafe at Al Heera Beach is a testament to the successful collaboration between the Architect, contractor (I2D Interior Décor LLC), and the client. Every element, from material selection to the interplay of light and shadow, has been meticulously orchestrated to provide a truly immersive and memorable experience for all who visit

    Design: Plural Architecture and Design
    Photography: Yamini Krishna Photography