Matoula Pie Bakery

Lab4 Architects designed Matoula Pie Bakery, a contemporary pie store in Volos with a functional layout and emphasis on comfort, drawing inspiration from Greek wheat plains.

  • area / size 646 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Volos, Greece,
  • The project deals with the design of a contemporary Greek pie store, located in the heart of the city of Volos that emulates local references. The main subject of the design procedure is the creation of an extrovert store based on a functional layout implementation with an emphasis on comfortable access and ergonomic standards. The 60 m2 rectangular floor layout is divided into two basic units. The first one is the laboratory room, a private area where all pies and sweets are produced and prepared. The second one is the store space where all the products are showcased to the customers.

    In the store area, two bars, placed in a vertical direction, gather all baked pie categories. On the contrary, two installations with shelves placed diagonally to each other, present the frozen products as well as the sweet jars. The layout implementation intends to ensure convenience to both customers and staff. Focusing on the essentials, the design approach follows minimal lines and curved shapes, bringing an elegant atmosphere, and avoiding on parallel any unnecessary decoration. The concept draws inspiration from the Greek wheat plains, the land that produces the premium quality harvest. The various product categories are introduced as a part of a storytelling experience in which every material, texture, and form has a symbolic meaning.

    Curved elements made of oak wood, placed in parallel directions in the front elevation draw inspiration from the wheat figures that predominate in the Greek plain landscapes. Besides that, they create a sense of reception to the interior space. The gentle combination of oak coatings and traditional geometric pattern tiles exudes a Mediterranean vibe. Metal pendant lights in pure white focus on the products, referring with their industrial style to the concept of their laboratory preparation and production process. The cream-white surfaces in combination with the pastel mint shade of the bar volumes symbolize the ingredients’ pureness. On the other hand, the gold details represent the high quality that characterizes the brand. The material pallet is completed by the balanced addition of black details which give a touch of timeless luxury, bringing on parallel a gentle contrast to the overall result.

    Design: Lab4 Architects
    Photography: Studio VD