Hotel One Shot Mercat 09

Nonna Design Projects has been responsible for developing the design and manufacture of the furniture of the contemporary boutique hotel Hotel One Shot Mercat 09 located in the heart of Valencia, Spain.

  • rooms 22
  • Year 2019
  • Location Valencia, Spain,
  • Type Hotel,
  • The unstoppable hotel chain One Shot has unveiled its newest hotel, named Mercat 09, in the surroundings of the iconic Central Market, where the unique Valencian character of the district is highlighted in the identity of the entire building.

    As the Nonna Design study explains, upon receiving the project proposal for this hotel the main challenge was to ensure that all the furniture was integrated into the environment – by establishing a connection between structure and identity and paying special attention to the fusion of the different materials used. Whether it was to ensure that the lighting of the headboards was integrated into the furniture itself or to feature doors concealed in the paneling, they decided to work each room as an individual project.

    This boutique hotel was visualized as a unique work of 22 rooms, each one distinctive from the next. In the words of those responsible for the Nonna Design study: “Instead of being a 22-room project it has been treated as if it were 22 projects in one”.

    Since 2010, Nonna Designs presents their interior designs by offering each one a unique presence. They manufacture the furniture and pieces using the latest technology and taking care of the quality in every detail. They propose both aesthetic and functional solutions, providing an added value to each individual project. This combination of quality and functionality allow for integrated finishes of the spaces themselves, from the floors to the walls, exhibited in the furniture itself. Thus, they achieve unique spaces designed in methodical detail, where all the elements coexist in tranquil harmony.

    Design: Nonna Design Projects
    Photography: David Zarzoso