Amber Lagoon Villas

Amber Lagoon Villas by MSE in Antalya offers luxury accommodations that combine the nomadic lifestyle and nature, with a focus on creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  • area / size 592,015 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Antalya, Turkey,
  • Type Hotel,
  • “Amber Lagoon Villas” in Belek, Antalya, whose interior design is undertaken by MSE, offers a peaceful atmosphere by combining nomadic lifestyle and nature in luxury accommodations.

    With more than 20 years of experience in designing architectural and interior design projects of various scales and functions in Turkey and abroad, Amber Lagoon Villas by MSE brings together the nomadic lifestyle, nature and peaceful accommodation in premium living spaces in an exciting experience in Belek, one of the most popular destinations of Antalya.

    MSE under the leadership of Architect Hüray Erk and Architect Kağan Erk, offers an atmosphere where guests can take a break from their daily lives in Amber Lagoon Villas, where nature and natural elements are harmoniously combined with private living spaces due to the characteristics of the nomadic lifestyle.

    In the “Lagoon Villas” section of the project, there are 59 premium villas, including 44 villas with one room and one living area and 15 villas with two rooms and one living area. Lagoon Villas also includes a spa area with massage rooms, fitness center, sauna and Turkish bath, and a dining area with a terrace. The nomadic lifestyle idea in the design of the villas and common areas creates a peaceful atmosphere by integrating with nature and natural elements.

    The pandemic has played an important role in the design fiction, as people’s mental and physical health is prioritized in Amber Lagoon Villas. The nomadic lifestyle and the ideas of using nature and natural elements also helped shape the design throughout the project. The preference for natural materials supported the design idea of the project, enriching the sensory experience.

    Design: MSE
    Designer: Hüray Erk
    Photography: Burak Teoman