Pieno Restaurant

Pieno by Znamy sie is a neighbourhood restaurant in Wroclaw designed with a vintage Italian atmosphere, featuring a long wooden cabinet, vintage colours, and details from old Italian restaurants.

  • area / size 1,292 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Wroclaw, Poland,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Enjoying aromatic, shared meals among the close-knit community is an inseparable element of the Italian lifestyle. This nostalgic image became the point of reference for Pieno’s design. On its basis, the neighbourhood restaurant was constructed in Wrocaw’s quiet residential area by the river Odra.

    Inside, what is quite unusual for a restaurant, there is no bar. However, there is a beautiful cabinet containing delicious Italian olive oils, wines, recipe books or a coffee machine used for making Italian coffee. As a result, everyone here feels at home, and together with their family or friends, they can taste the Italian flavours. The actual consumer space is divided into three areas. The first is the main neighbourhood area with large tables. The second one is smaller and more intimate. The last area is the tasting spot, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a glass of prosecco.

    Pieno is a space that immediately brings back warm evenings spent together over Italian food. The idea for the restaurant was based on the essence of pizza, which is original, quality ingredients. We implemented the same principle into the interior by designing it with well-composed quality ingredients; these, in turn, are kept in the vintage Italian atmosphere that takes us on vacation. The main attention is drawn to the long wooden cabinet. It serves as a storage place for both food and interior design ingredients.

    The interior, just like a good pizza, is composed of thoroughly selected, quality ingredients, which creates the perfect recipe for an aromatic, loud Italian dinner that affects all the senses.

    The previously mentioned long cabinet is made of copper-coloured wood with accents in vintage colours such as burgundy, dark turquoise, and black.

    The interior is filled with details from old Italian restaurants, such as glass display cases and brass handles, a leather seating area or the floor tile design that refers to Italian patterns and light play. If we combine it with the scent of sourdough pizza and the buzz of conversations, we’ll create the perfect recipe for the best neighbourhood restaurant in the city.

    In Wrocław, like in most Polish cities, the development of gastronomy concentrates in the city centre. The city’s outskirts, which are undergoing expansion and the creation of new residential areas, are often filled with people who are ravenous for good food. Pieno was built in such a place to meet residents’ needs and provide a space where they can forge neighbourly ties.

    A close-knit community that enjoys sharing an aromatic meal is an inseparable element of the Italian lifestyle; this is why, Pieno was created as a neighbourhood restaurant.

    Design: Znamy sie
    Photography: Migdal studio