INSAYN Design Society transformed an existing location in Barcelona into Manduca, a vibrant and cohesive space for healthy and gluten-free food featuring intimate individual zones, cozy group spaces, and public areas, with a color palette and materials that reflect the brand’s values.

Welcome to Manduca, the space of healthy and gluten-free food that will make you say goodbye to boring meals! In this exciting comprehensive interior design project, we immersed ourselves in the mission of completely transforming an existing location, elevating it to a higher level that reflects the values and the new personality of the brand.

In our design journey, we faced an intriguing challenge: creating different areas within a compact space. We wanted to provide intimate individual zones, cozy group spaces, and public areas for a group experience. Our design work became an exciting puzzle, and through various layout designs, we achieved a layout that met all these needs.

As for the color palette and materials, we delved into the very essence of Manduca. We opted for a range of greens that exude freshness and vitality, aligning perfectly with the brand’s values and mission. The selected materials also convey the authenticity and quality that Manduca represents.

The results of this design process go beyond aesthetics; they create a cohesive and unified concept that elevates the Manduca brand to new heights. From the clever layout to the exquisite materiality and charming graphics, everything comes together to bring to life the superior level we envisioned for this vibrant brand.

Manduca is now much more than a space for healthy and gluten-free food; it is a place where freshness meets innovation, where food meets experience, and where every detail has been designed to enhance your visit. We welcome you to Manduca, where healthy food meets fun in every bite!

Design: INSAYN Design Society
Photography: Bypablo Estudio