Khaleej Times Lobby

The Khaleej Times building in Dubai features a custom seating design on the ground floor, inspired by desert dunes and the flow of printing newspapers, representing connection and the newspaper’s mission, designed by Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build.

  • area / size 3,500 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • As the UAE’s premier English daily newspaper, Khaleej Times is dedicated to crafting stories that connect people and cultures. This ethos of connection and community is creatively echoed the moment one enters the building. Greeting guests, our design on the ground floor of the building captures the spirit of connection through an eye-catching, custom-feature seating design. Inspired by desert dunes that once guided Bedouins on their journeys and the rhythmic flow of printing newspapers, this bespoke design feature represents both the UAE’s natural splendor and the Khaleej Time’s mission to connection.

    This project was not just about design, it was a commitment to realize the Galadari Brother’s vision in a grand yet nuanced manner. Each choice made was a nod to their legacy, paying homage to their storied journey. Here at Swiss Bureau, we believe that great design can transform spaces and inspire those who inhabit them, and the Khaleej Times Lobby is no exception. With its rich history and status as a prominent institution in the region, its beautifully built space serves as a welcoming area for visitors and further reflects its commitment to excellence.

    Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build
    Photography: Sergei Nekrasov