Kona Village Resort

Kona Village in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, has been redesigned by Walker Warner to honor its Hawaiian heritage and showcase the natural beauty of its surroundings with traditional guest hale, sustainability initiatives, and a cultural center.

Located on the Island of Hawaii, Kona Village draws upon centuries of preserved culture and tradition to deliver a distinctly Hawaiian experience. Spanning 81 acres of stunning geological landscape and richness, the reimagined resort channels inspiration from the storied history of the land and local sensibilities to illuminate the ancient Kaʻūpūlehu’s past, present, and future. Every element of the property has been carefully curated to celebrate the quintessential elements of the original resort and to demonstrate a profound connection to and appreciation for the habitat and heritage of its location.

With architecture spearheaded by Greg Warner and Mike McCabe of Walker Warner, Kona Village now offers 150 traditional guest hale, the new Asaya Spa, and five restaurants and bars, including the original resort’s beloved Shipwreck and Talk Story bars. A commitment to sustainability is evident throughout, with several buildings certified LEED Gold and the entire property powered by solar energy. An on-site cultural center also provides visitors with perspective into the rich natural and cultural significance of the surroundings.

Design: Walker Warner
Executive Architect: Delawie
Interior Design: Nicole Hollis
Contractors: Ali’i Builders, Nordic PCL, Goodfellow Brothers, Re-Use Hawai’i
Photography: Douglas Friedman