Amor de Dios 17 Boutique Hotel

A home away from home! Teresa Sapey + Partners designed eight contemporary apartments for travelers to the charming and historic neighborhood of Madrid, Spain at the Amor de Dios 17 Boutique Hotel.

  • area / size 4,305 sqft
  • rooms 11
  • Year 2018
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Type Hotel,
  • Located in the Barrio de las Letras, a neighborhood known to have been home to great Spanish writers and poets, Lope de Vega, Quevedo, Góngora and Cervantes lived and composed their famous lines in it, is located in the heart of Madrid a few steps from Plaza Santa Ana and Puerta del Sol. This neighborhood, with its narrow cobblestone streets, is imbued with history and poetry of the past, an intellectual atmosphere and a strong cultural and commercial life that are still lived in its streets.

    The building in which the Amor de Dios 17 aparthotel is located dates back to 1880, a classic Madrid style and considered a heritage of the state.

    When the property was acquired, it was in a deplorable state. After decades of abandonment, the simplest thing would have been to tear it down and start from scratch. However, its protection as a cultural heritage and the desire to create something almost from scratch in which to freely mix the most traditional elements of the building with the creativity of Teresa herself was key to developing the project.

    The first challenge was to reconcile the important internal and external restructuring determined by the state of abandonment in which the building was located. In addition, the difficulty of carrying out the works keeping the elements protected as the structure and the aesthetics of the facade, the stairs and the elements of the entrance.

    At the beginning, the project was designed with the aim of creating 4 private homes, one per floor, which undoubtedly also contributed to the project dilating in time for almost four years. From this first project the appropriate modi cations had to be made to finally create 8 apartments destined for use as tourist apartments.

    As if it were a child, always treating it with care and helping it to form its own history by drinking from the influences collected from the city where it is located and from the art that can be found in the nearby Museo del Prado.

    With a size of more than 100m2 per floor, 8 apartments were designed that could accommodate up to 6 people in the largest. Starting on the ground floor, where the reception is located and two apartments that have access to a small private garden. This green oasis created in a soulless courtyard in the center of a city like Madrid, makes you breathe a bit of fresh air and feel nature closer.

    The color of the whole design approach of Teresa Sapey, is here the essential instrument of expression. Each floor exhibits a different color variation, suggesting new possibilities to experience the space. As you go up in the plants, the colors become lighter, from the ground floor where the walls are dyed green, you go to the second floor in blue tones, the third in pink and the last in beige tones.

    Thanks to furniture and combinations in pastel colors, spaces are created luminous, enveloping and relaxed, capable of transmitting the feeling of being at home, or even better, of feeling at home.

    Everything is here thinking in detail, the best mattresses on the market, sofa beds that unite, not only design (created by Teresa) but practicality and comfort, luminaires designed for the project, vintage furniture with history that coexist with more contemporary furniture and icons design. Even the smallest details have been taken into account, embroidered towels, Molton Brown amenities or Nespresso coffee capsules. All the furniture has been designed and in most cases designed for the project, fulfilling the objective of creating an essential and family space, where guests will find everything they need to live temporarily in the apartments as if they were at home.

    Unprecedented high-level apartments without barriers of style or geography: the contemporary home.

    DesignTeresa Sapey + Partners
    Photography: Cortesía TS Studio