Clem & Gwen Bakery

Saguez & Partners designed a second French bakery for bakers Clem & Gwen in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, creating a blue-themed, gourmet concept with sustainable, hand-painted elements reflecting craftsmanship and warmth.

  • area / size 1,615 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Clement & Gwendal, two passionate bakers, delight the residents Docks area of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine (in Paris suburbs). After the big success of their first shop, the two friends decided to open a second French bakery right next door to the offices of Saguez & Partners. The agency is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs and shopkeepers in their hometown, and naturally helped Clem & Gwen help them set up their shop (interior architecture, logo, identity, packaging).

    The store’s interior is a sea of blue. It blends with the wood and brown of the bread. The concept? Imagine a design that matches the products and their world: good, raw, gourmet. Clem & Gwen are already well known in the industry. The agency worked on a very graphic identity for the shop, to reflect their very elegant and above all gourmet pastries. But we also needed to bring out authentic side of the baker’s craft. Hence the choice of blue heat and raw materials (solid oak, display case and concrete floor, stainless steel). The graphic fresco was hand-painted by a decorative painter, based on a design by our graphic designer-illustrator Marine Belkebir. Finally: it’s sustainable design. All bespoke furniture can be completely dismantled and recycled. No glue, no screws.

    Shops, and food shops in particular, create links. They are a breath of fresh air in our lives and in our towns. Physical commerce is the basis of exchanges between people: emotional, real-life exchanges, with outstretched hands, friendly smiles, a fresh look and moments of happiness and warmth…With digital technology, the place is even more of a creator of links and experiences. And the design of a shop is not there just to look pretty, it’s in the way it’s used, the way people move around, it’s also useful in its operation, and of course in its commercial performance. Form has a duty to reveal substance, and good design is necessarily an act of legibility for an innovative product and service.

    Design: Saguez & Partners
    Design Team: Yann Mignot, Lucie Chaponot, Emmanuelle Truelle, Margaux Rivoal, Marine Belkebir
    Photography: Mikael Lafontan