DraftKings Sportsbook at Wrigley Field

Gensler‘s design team crafted DraftKings Sportsbook, a unique sports betting facility, within the constraints of Wrigley Field in Chicago, blending historic elements with modern touches.

  • area / size 23,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Gensler’s design team met the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind, two-level sports betting facility and dining experience that attained the historic preservation guidelines of the 109-year-old stadium, while also creating a modern, street-facing structure that welcomes patrons—all within the small available triangular parcel of land.

    The project builds on Chicago’s legacy of sports and gaming through elevated spaces for betting, drinking, and dining. The north interior wall of the space highlights Wrigley Field’s historic facade and design elements, including the green metal structure and wood millwork, nod to the distinctive aesthetic of the stadium and the sophistication of vintage sports bars.

    The design utilizes the triangular plot strategically, leaving the glass facade open to natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows connect the interior and exterior spaces, revealing the surrounding neighborhood to patrons within the sportsbook, while also spotlighting the energy within the building to pedestrians and passersby. Tiered seating, semi-private group areas and a monumental, curved video wall enhance the immersive, sports-centric experience.

    Two semi-private areas can be rented out by groups with operable drapery to either enclose each section individually or be opened to create one larger event space. Each of these areas include reconfigurable furniture, dedicated televisions, and space for personalized buffet-style food service, allowing parties to be surrounded by the energy of the DraftKings Sportsbook experience while personalizing their viewing entertainment.

    All structural components match the iconic “Wrigley Green” color of the ballpark, while the surrounding finishes create a neutral envelope allowing the vibrancy and visual impact of the video wall to be a featured focal point. The material palette is polished yet industrial, intended to be an extension of Wrigley Field that honors the historic presence of the field whilst incorporating contemporary features.

    Design: Gensler
    Photography: Anthony Tahlier