Ella Bar-Grigliata-pasta

Ella Bar-Grigliata-pasta in Melbourne boasts a stunning design by Fretard Design that combines Art Deco influence, New York City energy, and jazz vibes for a versatile and sophisticated experience.

  • area / size 3,983 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Step into the vibrant world of Ella Bar-Grigliata-pasta, a stunning 370m2 establishment crafted by Benjamin Fretard of Fretard Design, nestled in the heart of Melbourne. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of Art Deco aesthetics, the bustling energy of New York City, and the soulful melodies of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, this bar promises an unforgettable experience at every turn.

    Central to the design philosophy is the thoughtful zoning of the space, meticulously curated to deliver unparalleled experiences to patrons. From intimate solo encounters at the sleek bar counter to the convivial gatherings within three distinct pods catering to groups of eight, and even the allure of a dedicated function room for special occasions, versatility is the hallmark here.

    The focal point of Ella Bar-Grigliata-pasta is undoubtedly its expansive bar counter, boasting a rounded silhouette adorned with rich timber cladding and crowned with a lustrous Carrara marble top. Surrounding this centrepiece is a mesmerizing mosaic of tiles seamlessly transitioning into elegant timber flooring, adding a touch of sophistication to every step.

    For those seeking seclusion with a view, three exclusive seating pods grace the space, offering private sanctuaries for up to ten guests each, strategically positioned by the windows to capture the city’s pulse while maintaining an air of intimacy.

    An homage to the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald takes center stage on one expansive wall, adorned with a bespoke, hand-painted mural that not only pays tribute to her legacy but also imbues the ambiance with the soulful essence of jazz, elevating the bar’s atmosphere to new heights.

    And for those seeking to explore the world of wine, the function room beckons with a grand display of wine bottle cabinets showcasing an extensive array of offerings, inviting guests to embark on a journey of discovery through the vast possibilities of wine culture.

    In essence, Ella Bar-Grigliata-pasta is more than just a venue; it’s a symphony of design, hospitality, and cultural homage, inviting guests to savour every moment in an ambiance that seamlessly blends sophistication with soulfulness.

    Design: Fretard Design
    Design Director: Benjamin Fretard
    Photography: Andrew Wuttke