Be My Goose Restaurant

Minus Workshop designed Be My Goose, a Chiu Chow restaurant in Hong Kong, blending art, culture, and fun into a surreal and immersive dining experience.

  • area / size 3,800 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Inspiration for designers often springs from vibrant scenes in art and travel. Renowned for crafting surreal and immersive experiences for restaurant patrons through his designs, Kevin Yiu, the chief designer at Minus Workshop, embarked on a dynamic project of a Chiu Chow cuisine restaurant—Be my goose. Nestled in Yoho Mall, the emerging landmark of Yuen Long, Hong Kong, this culinary gem caters to the vibrant community of young couples and families. Kevin’s thoughtful design seamlessly aligns with the restaurant’s parallel position to the mall, creating a harmonious connection within the bustling locale. In the midst of artistic influences of Chi Wing Lo’s project, The Ark of World Poetry , we’ll see how the design embraces cultural and artistic elements.

    This Chiu Chow restaurant boasts a widely open and welcoming arrival from its very entrance which summarizes the upcoming journey you are invited to. A host station that the guests may firstly approach has already given hints of the rustic anchor that captivates the senses of a dock. On the other side, a visualized boat integrated with a digital reservation system has activated an expectation of a lively dining experience. The sharp boat structure in between bold formed into a runner tunnel not just drawing the patrons’ attention, but also allowing guests venturing into the restaurant and igniting curiosity.

    The meticulousness from imagination to reality offers an engrossing experience to the diners. Since here, you will see Kevin’s design put an effort thoroughly onto the wall to ceiling arrangement. Besides the footsteps shifts in mixed pebble runner simulating the sensory of a pier, ripple inspired velvet touch of expansive wavy geometric wall panel runs along the multiple zones. The pinnacle of the metal openwork fish art piece flows above head reflects a commitment to this vestibule in fun consumption. Before traversing the hallways, there are chambers behind the full height partition screen at both sides, addressing a couple of seats for 2 -6 either in standalone tables or sofa seats, providing flexibility to cater the needs of the visitors.

    Following the respectful dining hall through the tunnel, two rooms are addressed on both sides, ripple transparent sliding doors heightens the charm of this banquet boat. Both rooms featured an art piece created by a Netherlands artist, Anita De Harde, one of a headshot of a female and towards a male as in a couple. They imply the name of the restaurant and the same pronunciation of husband (Lo Gung) in Cantonese. The placement of art adds a playful and fun essence that enrich the ambiance, reconcile a kind of humour into this oriental focused design.

    All the way down from the entrance with broad range of boat touches, passing the semi-private rooms, a spacious dining area fulfills the sight that has turned into an oriental wooden yacht. A sense of layering with forms and shades of wood are thoughtfully presented. Bringing down the wavy wall panel and bespoke wall lamp guide through space align the unity of mood. The selection of floor panels simulating the deck of a yacht, again, creates an all-encompassing ambiance, enveloping visitors in a complete sensory experience. However, the tour hasn’t just ended here. Moving to another cabin transition with a row of 2 seaters, despite the window-less area, the light has supplied a vivid but warm tone. It was dimmed to a sunset scenario with the halo illuminated treatment, creating a picturesque name “The sun never ends”. Yiu has well-utilized the space to create a dramatic transition, whilst the patrons prepared themselves stepping into the next upscale banquet hall with soft sunlight solace.

    Towards the back, the last dedicated banquet hall is delightfully equipped with daylight from the row of tall windows, embellished with verdant companions. And to enhance the natural brightness, ample details are seamlessly adapted into the area. Not only the artful carpet has imprinted the abstract form of water ripples, also the rustic copper tone of the mirror ceiling reflects the impression of a boat trip but a convertible “two to one” private room hidden within.

    In this culinary haven, Yiu’s poetic design transcends the conventional, inviting patrons to not only savor Chiu Chow cuisine but to immerse themselves in a dramatic experience that resonates with art, cultural influences, and a touch of fun. Be my goose stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of design and gastronomy, a place where every detail contributes to an all-encompassing ambiance that lingers in the memory and a immersive dining journey.

    Design: Minus Workshop
    Photography: Steven Ko