Meininger Kraków Centrum Hotel

Meininger Kraków Centrum, designed by Tremend studio, merges modern style with Krakow’s heritage, offering a hybrid hotel experience with vibrant colors, historical references, and diverse amenities for all guests.

  • Year 2024
  • Location Krakow, Poland,
  • Type Hotel,
  • A new hotel facility has recently appeared on a map of Cracow. The interior design, inspired by the rich tradition of the city, was designed by the architects from Tremend studio. The recently opened Meininer Kraków Centrum is the first facility of the popular German brand in Poland.

    Architects from Tremend have completed numerous projects for the hotel industry, many of them for leading hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Accor or IHG. The Warsaw based studio’s portfolio includes developments in Berlin, Budapest or Paris. In the case of the Crawow’s Meininger hotel, the authors of the project were guided by the slogan “Flow of Creation”. It reflects the spirit of adventure and unforgettable experience, and is also meant to inspire guests to explore creatively and unconventionally the history-filled, yet wildly colorful city that is Krakow.

    The location of the facility is also not accidental. Located in the very center of Cracow, full of historic tenement houses, the Grzegórzki district on the one hand is vibrant with social and cultural life, and on the other – provides a moment of respite in the atmosphere of historic Cracow. There is no shortage of parks, bicycle paths, cafes and restaurants, within walking distance of the Market Hall, the Botanical Garden, the Krakow Opera House and the Jagiellonian University.

    The Meininger Krakow Centrum can be a suitable destination for a wide range of guests, regardless of the specific purpose of their trip to Cracow. This is served by the thoughtful architecture and interior design of the facility, which is a nod to the diverse needs of travelers, as well as the unique atmosphere of the city. The entire facility consists of three parts. The first is the front building that once housed the District Surveying and Cartographic Company. The second is a garden house attached to the historic building. For the purposes of the new hotel, both buildings were renovated and a new third section was added to them. All segments are connected by a common first floor.

    The style of the building is modern, yet pleasing to the eye thanks to the use of pleasant, vivid and deep colors. In the interiors one can find many references to Cracow’s history, in the form of posters and old signs, among others. Furniture with eye-pleasing, streamlined forms also refers to the design of decades ago. The walls of the common areas and guest rooms are covered with fanciful collages referring to Cracow’s artistic and scientific achievements. In addition to double, triple and multi-bed rooms, there is also a conference room, a lounge area, a gaming area, a bar and a guest kitchen with a washer and dryer. The Meininger Krakow Centrum is a hybrid hotel, meaning that it combines the features of a hotel and a hostel. Thanks to this solution, guests can use its space according to their needs.

    Design: Tremend
    Photography: courtesy of Tremend