Huaxi HA UP Hotel

Huaxi HA UP Hotel’s design by Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design, features a vibrant mix of colors and materials, creating a dynamic space that blends luxury and modernity with elements inspired by nature.

  • area / size 107,639 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Chongqing, China,
  • Type Hotel,
  • 01. Reverberation of light and color
    The lobby space is light and compact, seamlessly connecting the front desk, reception area, bar and ADD restaurant. The rhythmic black mirror ceiling enriches the dynamic level of the space, and the terrazzo floor in sharp contrast tells the history of the city.

    The reception area creates a relaxed and social atmosphere. The flowing artistic form echoes the display of hyaluronic acid products, metaphorizing the flow and vitality of life.

    The bar area and the reception area have achieved unbounded linkage and share a similar design language. Bright red metal decorative panels, glass bricks and colored glass bottles combine to create a fashionable tone and subtle texture, and the cool materials blend into the mottled light and shadow of the interior.

    The streamlined art corridor is like a floating ribbon on the wall, creating an exquisite and dynamic spatial language. It is not only a functional concierge area, but also connects the lobby and guest room areas. The huge photography of Danxia landforms reflects the theme color of the hotel. It is magnificent and colorful, just like the palette of nature, showing ever-changing colors and textures.

    02. Sequence Create Visual Hierarchy
    Towards the depth of the space, along the winding path is the relatively private guest room area. When the lights are on and the night falls, only a sense of belonging and tolerance can bridge the other side of life and aesthetics.

    The door opens, and the light strip on the background wall of the big bed slowly lights up, like a soft greeting. Under comfortable lighting, the space forms a warm warm yellow color, and the main colors of black and red create a lazy atmosphere. Freehand hand-painted flowers herald a peaceful rest. The red side table pops into view, drawing the eye to the view outside the window.

    The double-mirror viewfinder in the living room and bathroom extends the depth of field in the space. The built-in bathtub next to the window makes bathing time in the clouds unparalleled.

    03. Empower Brand Memory
    An aqua-blue hyaluronic acid-themed art painting is placed in the ADD restaurant, injecting layered beauty into the space. The red and gray seats overlap and intersect with the terrazzo tabletop, reflecting the dimension of light. The looming scenery outside the window brings an intermittent sense of rhythm to the dining space.

    The hotel’s interior space, soft decoration design, VI vision, and guidance are all designed by WWD. “EVERTHING CAN BE EXPECTED” uses design language to shape an elegant space. Calm order and flowing imagination are intertwined to create a unique space with profound memories, conveying the product concept of “making every life alive”.

    The guide design uses the innovative material Carlo Board, which introduces the moist luster of hyaluronic acid into the environment. The logo design is taken from “Bobo”, and the coated image is concave to create a distinctive brand impression.

    Huaxi HA UP Hotel is an urban trend gathering place that integrates brand attitude and style. It connects art and life, transcends and sublimates the meaning of existence between reality and illusion, and also contains the cultural fashion and innovative vitality of enterprises and brands. and romantic feelings.

    Design: Beijing Bloomage WanWU Design
    Photography: Tupai Vision