Sabatini Italian Restaurant

Sabatini’s second location in Hong Kong, designed by Steve Leung Design Group, masterfully blends Roman culture with modern elements, featuring iconic terracotta floors, vaults, and stained glass.

A culinary voyage that began in Rome’s Trastevere district in 1958 now graces Hong Kong’s dining scene. This Italian gem has delighted gourmands since its 1992 debut at The Royal Garden. Steve Leung Hospitality Ltd.(SLH) meticulously weaves Roman culture into Sabatini’s second location nestled within ifc mall. As you step through Sabatini’s doors, it’s like a delightful detour through Rome’s streets: aperture, atrium, and alley. SLH deftly modernizes the signature features from its original branch, infusing terracotta floors, hand-painted travertine arches, groin vaults, stained glass, pottery, art and decorative elements in the interiors. The main dining area, adorned with a mural reminiscent of Sabatini’s Roman origins, offers panoramic views of Victoria Harbour – a fusion of classic elegance and contemporary allure. Sabatini captures the very essence of Rome through warm materials, curated artwork, and timeless Roman architectural references, transporting diners to the Eternal City.

Sabatini, the renowned Italian restaurant, originated in Rome’s Trastevere district in 1958 and has been a constant favourite with gourmets since its debut at The Royal Garden in 1992. Steve Leung Hotel Design (SLH) has carefully incorporated Roman culture into Sabatini’s second branch in the IFC mall. As you walk through the entrance of Sabatini, you’ll feel like you’re wandering through the streets and squares of Rome. SLH has cleverly incorporated the original restaurant’s iconic features, such as terracotta floors, hand-painted travertine arches, cross vaults, stained glass, ceramics, artworks and other decorative elements, into the interior and reinterpreted them with a modern design approach. The main dining area features a wall mural depicting the birthplace of Sabatini’s Rome restaurant, while the other end offers a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, showing the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern charm. Sabatini perfectly presents the essence of Rome through warm materials, pleasing artworks and classic Roman architectural elements, making guests feel like they have traveled to the Eternal City.

Design: Steve Leung Design Group
Photography: Steven Ko