AC Hotel Naples 5th Avenue

AC Naples 5th Avenue in Florida boasts a modern design by DLR Group with open breezeways, expansive windows, and biophilic elements, creating a tranquil oasis blending natural textures with sophisticated European modernist forms.

  • area / size 123,000 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Type Hotel,
  • Steps away from the tranquil Gulf of Mexico with its azure waters and pristine white sandy beaches, the newly unveiled AC Naples 5th Avenue invites guests into a haven of relaxation. Open breezeways and relaxed seating extend beneath open-air living rooms, encouraging visitors to unwind and bask in the gentle, warm breeze. Expansive windows seamlessly connect the interior and exterior, allowing sunlight to bathe the beautiful natural textures of the interior.

    The result, an idyllic oasis, where guests experience a merging of refined interior details with the surrounding natural landscape through the reimagination of the local majestic bald cypress trees, lush foliage, and radial forms unearthing a tranquil retreat. From the intertwined roots at the lower level climbing up the trunk, bringing life to the canopy, one can feel the ascension of the layers of the tree that are ever changing and are an integrated part of the landscape. Infusing the free-spirited movement and growth of this tree is met with architectural rigor and the merging of the natural fauna and biophilic design with the clean European modernist forms.

    Moments of surprise and modernity distinguish the space, elevating its personality with warmth and curiosity. Intricate details and furnishings reveal natural forms, such as the carved wood wall behind the arrival desk and the floor-to-ceiling capstone canopy centered at the rooftop bar.

    Within the property, Naples’ essence embodies a relaxed luxury, as mirrored in the sophisticated local art collection highlighting honest materials. Curated pieces subtly nod to nature, emphasizing soft forms one would find in the local context contrasting with clean lines. This abstract art seamlessly blends with the surroundings, infusing vibrancy and rich colors for a distinctive visual impact.

    At the ground-level, spaces harmoniously blend indoors and outdoors through an open breezeway, while the rooftop introduces Limón, an Amalfi Coast-inspired dining haven and bar, adjacent to an intimate pool deck. Both locals and guests revel in upscale dining paired with breathtaking cityscape views, making it a cherished hotspot for culinary enthusiasts and visitors alike.

    Outside on the pool deck, trellises and fire pit-lounge seating provide shade and opportunities for relaxation, continuing the journey of high-end materials expected in this region but with a more artisanal touch, creating additional layers of quality and comfort.

    Guests enjoy an elevated experience in tailor-made guestrooms, where a light, airy atmosphere is evoked through textural wall coverings and minimalist details. A collection of room types offers a variety of seating areas and private balconies, providing intimate settings for rest.

    The overall materials palette, featuring muted jade and chalky warm hues, establishes a foundation. Sage green agate and pale wood tones weave serenity and a connection to nature, elevating the experience to a new level of sophistication.

    The property spans approximately 123,000 square feet (about the length of a Manhattan city block) over three stories, featuring 150 guestrooms and vibrant public spaces. Key areas include the ballroom/conference center, meeting rooms, lounge cafe, rooftop restaurant and bar, pool deck, and guestrooms.

    Design: DLR Group
    Architect of Record: MHK Architecture
    Contractor: DeAngelis Diamond
    Photography: Michael Stavaridis