Asagumo-WA Restaurant

deardesign studio unveils Asagumo-WA in Barcelona, a multi-gastronomic space inspired by Japanese dawn and harmony, blending cuisine with hand-illustrated walls, koinobori fish, theatrical layout, and artisanal tableware.

  • area / size 646 sqft
  • Year 2024
  • Location Barcelona, Spain,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • In the heart of Barcelona, Deardesign studio unveils the interior design of Asagumo-WA, the new multi-gastronomic experience from the Asagumo Group, born from the vision of Chef Ben.

    “Asagumo,” meaning clouds of dawn, and “WA,” representing harmony, are terms that do more than name the restaurant; they embody its essence in a culinary and visual experience that pays tribute to the ephemeral beauty of dawn and the harmony that emerges from the fusion of Japanese cuisine flavors. These concepts inspire every element of the interior design, creating a space where aesthetics and cuisine blend in a constant dialogue to enhance the diner’s experience.

    The walls, hand-illustrated by the plastic artist Agustín Casañas, transport visitors to the Japanese dawn with a soft mural where the indigo blue, traditional to the Tokushima region since the 10th century, is complemented by lilac tones that add serenity and mysticism to the place, narrating the transition from day to night.

    Surrounding the concept is the ceiling. Stains of blue and lilac colors are applied to a simple exposed ceiling and pavement, which also protects the walls, all in ivory monochrome to bring the texture of clouds into the space.

    Suspended from the celestial vault, 125 koinobori fish, Japanese carp-shaped flags, become the protagonists of the restaurant, flying freely among the clouds as they do in the Japanese tradition of Kodomo no hi, or Children’s Day. On this special day, Japanese families raise carp-shaped flags outside their homes in honor of their children, wishing them strength and courage to overcome life’s challenges, just as carp swim upstream.

    This symbolism intertwines with the restaurant’s philosophy, where the fusion of flavors from different parts of Japan is also an expression of courage and exploration, going against the current in search of new gastronomic experiences. The koinobori, soaring in the space, not only provide a visually captivating element but also invite diners to reflect on the meaning of overcoming obstacles and the constant pursuit of harmony in our lives.

    The restaurant’s layout invites a theatrical culinary experience. The open central bar, where ingredients come to life under the expert hand of the chef and the curious gaze of the diners, is the heart of the space, surrounded by areas that invite both intimacy and socialization. In front, individual or shared tables welcome visitors, while at the back, a zone for groups of six offers a more private space. The use of industrial shelves adds a practical and contemporary touch, facilitating service and adding a layer of differential texture to the design. Traditional yet elegant linen noren curtains mark the entrance to the bathroom, adding a detail of discretion and beauty.

    Lighting, a crucial element in creating atmospheres, has been designed to be indirect and peripheral, with spotlights directed at the bar and the landscape mural, while various pendant lamps and industrial lights add a touch of warmth.

    In a gesture that unites tradition with modernity, each dish served at Asagumo-WA is presented on specially selected tableware to complement its culinary identity. This collection has been carefully chosen to highlight the richness, diversity, and characteristics of Japan. These artisanal elements, reminiscent of tradition with an updated look, not only serve as a canvas for the chef’s creations but also invite diners on a journey through Japanese history and culture, where each bite is a discovery.

    Asagumo-WA invites diners to embark on a sensory journey, where the characteristic fusion of Japanese cuisine meets an environment designed to reflect harmony, the beauty of dawn, and multiculturalism. This space is not just a restaurant but an experience that celebrates Japan’s cultural richness and culinary innovation. With Asagumo-WA, the Asagumo Group and deardesign studio reaffirm their vision of creating spaces that transcend food to become living works of art.

    Design: deardesign studio
    Design Team: Ignasi Llauradó, Anna Garreta, Aya Ulan, Vanessa Ephrem
    Photography: Xavi Torrent