Proyecto Singular designed a space that lives up to it’s name with the romance and allure of beautiful foliage, enhanced by lighting; Botania is hard to miss in Madrid, Spain.

  • Year 2018
  • Location Madrid, Spain,
  • Type Restaurant,
  • Located in the ground floor of one of Madrid’s best known hotels, Botania grows as a spot with the ambition to catch everybody’s eye! It is right by Plaza de España, a landmark no tourist can miss. Botania is a space where one can find a restaurant and bar dominated by the presence of magnificent nature, both inside and in its patio. The space becomes a joint between green spaces, connecting the park at the plaza with the mentioned courtyard.

    The integration of the two green spaces and the creation of a romantic environment were the two main motifs to follow. The resulting design is a combination of earthy colors mixed with a variety of green and red. There are different levels that follow organic shapes and grow around a metal bar located on the side. Vegetation is present all around, hanging from the ceiling. Inside and outside are linked through a remarkable pavement.

    Lighting also becomes an evocation of Botania. Formed by natural fibers and metals it generates thresholds that give character to each of the areas. The environment transports its guests to the forest, where color and light diffuse until they become only texture.

    Ultimately, the whole project creates an extremely comforting environment where every guest can relax and escape the quick and noisy environment of the city.

    DesignProyecto Singular
    Photography: Fernando Alda